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A Quick Introduction to HELB

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The higher education’s loan board commonly referred to as HELB is an loan disbursement department under the ministry of higher education which is charged with the mandate of providing students with financial assistance so as to make their life in campus more bearable and convenient through meeting the costs incurred while in school.

However, due to the fact that the government is disbursing the HELB to the students.There are a number of conditions which they are supposed to fulfill in order to get the funds, and also for the authorities to prioritize on the neediest students due to the large number of applicants with the loans board. Some of the requirements to qualify for the higher education loan include;

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How to Identify Errors in a Credit Report in Kenya

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TransUnion Kenya Personal Information Personal Information Errors Things you need to ensure that are accurate; Wrong name listed Addresses you’ve never lived at or used as a mailing address Inaccurate employer information Ensure that your name is correctly displayed and that any alternative names or alias are accurate. Ensure your […]

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How to Use TransUnion CRB

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The TransUnion CRB services can be accessed through the SMS number 21272, TranUnion Nipashe app and also the TransUnion website. If you choose to register with the TransUnion CRB then the following are the steps you take; Register with TransUnion Send your full names as they appear in your National […]

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How to obtain clearance certificate from CRBs in Kenya; Metropol, TansUnion Africa and CreditInfo

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CRB is an institution licensed to collect, manage and disseminate customer credit information. It collects the customer credit information from all lenders including Saccos, commercial banks and deposit taking micro finances. CRB will then manage the information gathered by regularly updating the customers’ credit scores per their transactions with various […]

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