Advantages of a bank loan in Kenya

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A bank loan enhances medium or long-term finance. Some kind of security for the loan is a requirement in most cases. Bank loans are very good for financing investments especially fixed assets. The interest charged on a bank loan can be fixed of variable depending on the policies of the bank. Bank loans can prove […]

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The benefits of student loans in Kenya

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While having a lot of student loans can be burdensome, there are some upsides of graduating with a bit of debt, especially the one you acquire from the department of education. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary for a student to require some financial help so as to complete his/her education. As a student don’t be […]

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Facts you need to know about secured loans in Kenya

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Facts you need to know about secured loans in Kenya One of the most popular ways to borrow money in Kenya today is getting a secured loan. Secured loans allow you to borrow the money that you need, and the loan is backed by a property that you as the borrower own. The property can […]

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5 Tips for Getting Your Bank Loan Approved In Kenya

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Getting a bank loan approved is not the easiest process. Due to the recent economic troubles experienced in Kenya, lenders are demanding for a lot more in a loan applicant hence becoming stricter. While there are few key areas lenders will be focusing on, it is important that are ready to present the perfect, complete […]

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Emergency loans In Kenya

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GREENLAND FEDHA GFL is a micro finance institution owned by Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings Limited. Its objective is provision of affordable financial services to all the households with low income. It launched a mobile banking platform referred to as PESA ULIPO that helps their customers to apply for credit facilities and get the money […]

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Land Purchase Loans In Kenya

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NATIONAL BANK PLOT PURCHASE LOAN This is a facility that enables you to purchase a portion of land that does not contain any buildings. National Bank finances up to 85% of the value of the land. The maximum repayment period is 10 years. You will enjoy comprehensive life, fire and house insurance cover. There is […]

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