School Fees

How to Get Loans for Graduate School

Once you have shortlisted your college/school to pursue your graduate studies, the biggest hurdle that you need to cross is planning for tuition fees and hostel and food bills, etc. Most students prefer opting for scholarships and grants, but in case you don’t get one, the next best option is applying for […]

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How to Apply for a Federal Student Loan

The federal financial aid process can take several weeks to complete and can be difficult for borrowers to navigate. The list below details the steps required to secure a federal financial aid, from filing a FAFSA® to accepting a financial aid package Complete and submit a current year FAFSA® The Free […]

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The benefits of student loans in Kenya

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While having a lot of student loans can be burdensome, there are some upsides of graduating with a bit of debt, especially the one you acquire from the department of education. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary for a student to require some financial help so as to complete his/her education. As a student don’t be so sad about it as there are two sides to every opportunity, the bad and the good.

Interest rate reduction

One of the larger benefits of student loans is that the interest you pay on the loans is often deductible, meaning you can subtract it from your income, reducing your tax burden for the year. The loans offered by the ministry of education in Kenya is deductible once you have finished your schooling and been employed. This ensures you study without much hassle and make payments later once you are employed.

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School Fees Payment Loans In Kenya

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This kind of loan helps in relieving stress of paying school fees and offers you the lowest interest rate as you keep track of your bigger dreams. The personal loan offered here can finance all levels of education: primary, high school, college, university (graduate and postgraduate).

The features are a processing fee of 2% and loan tenure of up to 10 months. The minimum amount you can borrow is Kshs.20, 000 while the maximum is Kshs.500, 000. Requirements are, you have to be employed or retired with a regular pay, at least 3 months with the same employer, a valid employment contract and the last payslip.

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