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KCB BANK MASOMO LOANS Masomo loans are aimed at enabling the working class students who are undertaking a graduate course in public and private university. It is generally intended for the purpose of education advancement. This loan can be issued to parents/guardians for individuals with salaries or students furthering their studies. THE REQUIREMENTS ARE: An […]

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The benefits of student loans in Kenya

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While having a lot of student loans can be burdensome, there are some upsides of graduating with a bit of debt, especially the one you acquire from the department of education. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary for a student to require some financial help so as to complete his/her education. As a student don’t be […]

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School Fees Payment Loans In Kenya

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SOMA LOAN FROM BANK OF AFRICA This kind of loan helps in relieving stress of paying school fees and offers you the lowest interest rate as you keep track of your bigger dreams. The personal loan offered here can finance all levels of education: primary, high school, college, university (graduate and postgraduate). The features are […]

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