December 30, 2018



Loans applications in Kenya are accessed from the Google Play Store by being downloaded into an android mobile phone. They grant instant online loans to applicants. The following is a list of Loans application in Kenya;

Tala App

It was originally referred to as Mkopo Rahisi. For an applicant to access a loan from the Tala App one must download the Tala App from the Google Play Store. The amount of loan granted is as low as KES 2,000. The method of repaying the loan is by means of M-Pesa Paybill number 851900.


Branch is a loan application that has been linked with Facebook. The amount granted is as low as KES 250 to KES 50,000. The method of repaying is by use of M-Pesa. The interest charged is from 1% to 14%.


To access loans from Saida an applicant must contain an already considerable amount of money. The amount of loan granted is up to KES 25,000. The method of repaying the loan is by means of M-Pesa Paybill number 854400. The interest charged on the amount issued is 7.5%. The duration of paying back the loan is 90 days.


Zidisha is a loan application in Kenya. There is no interest charged on the loan given. The following are the qualification needed to be eligible for a loan;

  • An applicant should create a profile
  • Then proceed to describe his/her business
  • Clearly outline the amount of loan you need to be issued
  • Choose the duration of time you require to repay the loan

Jazika Loan APP

It was established by Jazika Ventures. For an applicant to access a loan one must download the Jazika Loan App. The amount of loan granted is up to KES 100,000. The money is given through an applicants’ M-Pesa Account.  The time allocated for disbursing the loan is in minutes. The method of repaying the loans is by means of M-Pesa Paybill number 687035.

Eazzy Banking App

It is engineered by Equity Bank. Eazzy banking application grants instant online loans from the Equity Bank. It can also be used to;

  • Pay bills
  • Send money to other people
  • Confirm the amount of money you have in your account

Craft Mobile Loan App

Unlike other loan Apps, it issues loans to Craft inventors. Once loan is approved, it is disbursed in minutes by means of M-Pesa Account.


It was established by Opera. This is a mobile loan application. The following are the ways in which it operates;

  • An applicant needs to acquire M-Pesa account
  • Then use the M-Pesa account to Log-in
  • Then loan will be disbursed and sent into your M-Pesa

Usawa Mobile Loan App

An applicant needs to successfully download the Usawa mobile loan application. Then create to proceed to your account. The Usawa loan app will clearly outline the amount of money it can issue to an applicant.

Timiza App

It was established by Barclays Bank of Kenya. This application issues loans at low interest. On approval, the loan issued through the means of Timiza account. Timiza Loans have a 5% charged for facility fee and a 5% charged for rollover fee. The time allocated for repaying the loan is 30 days.

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