How to get a loan from Zenka

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Zenka Mobile Loan App offers quick access to loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 200,000 with repayment periods of up to 12 months. The approval process typically takes a few minutes, and the interest rate and repayment period vary. To check your loan limit and get approved, download the Zenka app. Zenka loans are unsecured, requiring no collateral.

Zenka is one of the best, and the best thing is that you get your first loan free. When you apply for 2000, you pay back 2000. Zenka loans start at Ksh 500 and can go up to 20,000. After the first free loan, the Zenka loan will charge an 11% interest fee if you repay your loan on time. Based on the reviews shared by most of its users, the Zenka mobile loan app has zero hidden costs to its customers.

Disbursement Details

How to Access/Register for Zenka Mobile Loan

Desktop screenshot of Zenka App on play store

Desktop screenshot of Zenka App on the Play Store

To access Zenka loan app, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install the Zenka App: Begin by downloading the Zenka Loan App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Registration: Open the app and create an account by providing your personal details. This includes your first name, last name, National ID, and setting up a 4-digit PIN.
  3. Verification: Upon completing the registration process, Zenka will send an SMS containing a 4-digit verification code to your registered mobile number. Enter this code into the app to verify your account.
  4. Loan Application: Once your account is verified, navigate to the loan section within the app. Here, you can select the loan amount you need and the desired repayment period.
  5. Agree to Terms: Before submitting your loan application, carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions provided by Zenka.
  6. Loan Approval: After submitting your loan application, Zenka will review your request. If approved, the loan amount will be disbursed directly into your mobile money account, such as M-Pesa, within a short period.

Total Cost Breakdown (Loan Fees)

Zenka Mobile Loan fees include:

  • Processing fee: Ksh 45–5,800 for a one-time charge depending on Loan amount
  • Interest Rate: 9–39%
  • Taxes: Included in the processing fee
  • Insurance: Included in the processing fee.
  • Withdrawal fee: M-Pesa withdrawal charges apply
  • Penalties for late payment: An additional 1% daily of the overdue amount.

All fees are detailed during the loan application process.

Repayment Details

Repaying a Zenka loan is straightforward. You can repay the loan through your mobile money account, such as M-Pesa or Airtel Money. Repayments are typically due within 61 days, but early repayment is allowed and encouraged with the benefit of reduced interest charges. Additionally, Customers have the option, due to the extension, to repay their loan amounts even up to 12 months (ZenkaFlexi option).

To repay your loan, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Zenka app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the repayment section within the app.
  3. Select the repayment amount from the options provided.
  4. Confirm the selected repayment amount.
  5. Complete the transaction using your preferred mobile money service, such as M-Pesa or Airtel Money.
  6. You will receive a confirmation message once the repayment is successful.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a Zenka loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid mobile number and national ID.
  • Own an active mobile money account.
  • Maintain a good credit history.

Representative Example of Loan Costs

This example showcases how the total repayment amount varies based on the principal loan amount for a 61-day loan.

Loan Amount (KSh)Interest Fee (KSh)Total Amount Due (KSh)

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