These are digital loans issued to an applicant by means of an android app named ‘Okolea’. The android app is available at the Google play store. Okolea issues instant loans to Kenyans by means of their phones. The Okolea loan app was established by the Okolea International which is a finance company that deals with financial solutions in money transfer, digital loans, accounting software and more.

Their aim is;‘To empower businesses and individuals in providing financial solution’Okolea loans have a platform in which businesses and independent people can use to lend money to their own customers or friends. This is through a program referred to as the ‘Okolea Agent Program’.THE FEATURES OF OKOLEA LOANS ARE:The interest rate is 5% to 20% per monthThe amount issued to an applicant varies between Ksh 100 to Ksh 100000An applicant is required to send an appraisal fee of Ksh 100 (use 245316 as pay-bill number, your phone number as the account number)THE REQUIREMENTS NEEDED ARE:An applicant is required to have the following;A smartphone with an android systemAn applicants’ personal photoA Kenyan Identification card

THE PROCEDURE OF ACQUIRING OKOLEA LOAN APP:Go to the Google play storeThen download the Okolea Loan AppFill in the necessary information required to become registeredOnce registered, then Log-inTHE PROCEDURE OF ACQUIRING A LOAN FROM OKOLEA:Start by Log-in to the Okolea loan appThen, check the amount of loan limit you can be issued withApply to borrow the loan you wantOnce the loan issued to an applicant, it is sent to the M-Pesa number that has already been verified by OkoleaIn case the loan you applied for is not approved wait and try applying later again or one can opt to pay the appraisal fee which is Kshs. 100Make sure to repay the loan issued on time so as to increase your amount of loan limit

THE PROCEDURE OF REPAYING THE OKOLEA LOAN:METHOD 1;Choose the Repay Button which is located within the Okolea loan appThen proceed to pay the loan issued by the OkoleaMETHOD 2;Go to the M-Pesa menuSelect ‘Lipa na M-Pesa’Enter the pay-bill number which is 245316Then enter your phone number as the Account numberEnter the amount of loan issued to you so as to repay itFinally submit itTHE PROCEDURE OF CONTACTING OKOLEA HELP TEAM:This is if you need any additional information or a problem arises in the course of transaction;Dial or WhatsApp the number 0720178775 or 0742817221The Email address is;