December 29, 2022

Opportunities for Higher Education Funding in Kenya

Usaid Higher Education Scholarship Programme
There are a total of 18 higher education scholarships offered by USAID to Kenyan students. These scholarships are offered to students from marginalized communities in Eastern and North Eastern regions and urban slums of Nairobi. The program targets the minority Muslims. In order to qualify to apply, you must have attained the minimum Kenyan University entrance grade C+.

The scholarships are advertised in the local Newspapers. You can also inquire at your District Education Offices.

Funding Opportunities for Higher Education

  • Students studying at Kenyan Universities

The Government of Kenya, through the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), provides financial assistance to Kenyan students who have achieved annually predetermined cut-off points at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education for University entrance. For more information see

  • Local Universities’ Scholarships

Some universities get direct offers of international scholarships and also local offers. Look for more information on scholarships offered at specific universities:

  1. University of Nairobi
  2. Kenyatta University
  3. Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology
  4. Strathmore University
  5. Baraton East Africa University
  6. Catholic University of Eastern africa – Their scholarships are only availableto their continuing students.
  7. Kiriri Women University

Kenya students planning to study abroad

The government of Kenya through bilateral assistance from foreign countries offers scholarships to study abroad. Such scholarships are coordinated by the ministry of Education ( You can make inquiries from the nearest District education Office for a list of international scholarships channeled through the ministry of education.

Foreign Embassies’ Scholarships

Foreign countries represented in Kenya offer scholarships through their local embassies. Such scholarships are coordinated with various ministries or universities. Find here some of the countries that give higher education scholarships to Kenyans;

  • France provides 10 scholarships annually mostly to those who want to pursue postgraduate studies.
  • UK – British Council Scholarships
  • Japan – Development Scholarships
  • Netherlands – Supports especially agriculture, environment and technology studies

Unesco Fellowships

UNESCO fellowships are offered to both students and teachers who want to pursue higher education in fields that enhance sustainable human development and foster international understanding and a culture of peace. Click this link for the latest UNESCO fellowships on offer.

UNESCO offers fellowships in the following thematic areas;

  • Education
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social & Human Sciences
  • Culture
  • Communication & Information

Kenya Youth Education Scholarship

This is a partial scholarship that caters only for Tuition and Books. It is offered to needy youth who display academic excellence and the desire to acquire practical skills and knowledge to become self-reliant by pursuing higher education. To qualify for consideration you must have attained minimum qualifications for entry into a university or diploma college in Kenya.

If you would like to make further inquiries you can contact them at;
Foundation Institute of Africa

KPCU Bldg. Haile Sellasie Ave 5th Flr. R&K Wing

PO BOX 48730-00100, Nairobi

Landline::020-2212508/9 Wireless: 020-2335729 Mobile: 0713-403 793

Serve Africa

Serve Africa has a list of various scholarships available for Kenyan Undergraduates and information on other education opportunities for women and postgraduates.

Australian Scholarships

In the Website: Mwalimu, you will find a list of scholarships from Australia.

Assorted Scholarships

This is a collection of hundreds of scholarships from everywhere in the world.

Education Loans from Banks

Due to the recent increase in opportunities for higher education, a number of commercial banks now have loan products to fund education for those who are not covered by the national Higher Education Loan Board. Check whether there is any that can suit your needs.

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