December 29, 2022

10 Great Kenyan Scholarship Options for Study in Kenya

Are you looking for a university scholarship in Kenya? Check out these 10 great Kenyan scholarship options for study in Kenya below!

  1. Africa Nazarene University Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

The ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship is given to students who attain KCSE mean grades between A and B+, and who qualify for studies at the university.

The scholarship award amounts to 50% and 30% on tuition fees respectively.

This scholarship is only valid for two years after the individual completes high school.

  1. CUEA Cardinal Otunga Scholarship

The Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) Cardinal Otunga Scholarship Program gives partial tuition scholarships to full-time students once every academic year.

These scholarships are given to needy students who display strong academic standing, good character, and a connection with university activities.

  1. Rattansi Education Fund

The Rattansi Education Fund is one of the 10 great Kenyan scholarship options for study in Kenya. This fund, run by Rattansi Education Trust, targets needy undergraduate students and college students at several universities and colleges in Kenya.

The Trust sends the bursary funds directly to the institutions, not to the recipients.

  1. Africa International University Scholarships

The Africa International University (AIU) offers several scholarship options as follows:

  • Work Scholarship – Students are assigned jobs within the university, and the income from these jobs enables them to meet part of their tuition and academic-related fees.
  • Student Activities Scholarship – This scholarship is given to students who display exceptional talents in various activities, with the aim of developing holistic students.
  • Academic Honor (Merit) Scholarship – This scholarship is given to the best academic-performing student per semester at each academic level.
  • Teaching and Research Fellowship – This fellowship provides financial support for doctoral students.


  1. Kenyatta University OVS Scholarships

Kenyatta University offers scholarships to Orphans and Vulnerable Students (OVS) to cater for their tuition fees.

These scholarships are disbursed in two categories:

  • 60 partial scholarships for new undergraduate students
  • 20 partial scholarships for needy and deserving continuing students at the University.


  1. University of Nairobi Master’s Scholarships

The University of Nairobi offers master’s scholarships to students who have completed their undergraduate degree and applied to do a master’s program at the University.

This is a merit-based scholarship and as such, applicants should have either a first class honors or second class upper division. Applicants should also be full-time students taking the maximum number of units per semester.

This scholarship is valid for 2 years.

  1. Egerton University Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Egerton University provides scholarships for bright and needy students who are currently pursuing their studies at the university.

Applicants for this scholarship should be in their 2nd year and above and should display academic excellence.

  1. KEMU Scholarships

Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) Scholarships are another of the 10 great Kenyan scholarship options for study in Kenya. These scholarships target registered students who have proven financial needs as a result of being orphaned, abject poverty, or loss of sponsorship.

Full-time students are given higher priority during the scholarship selection process.

  1. USIU-Africa Scholarships

USIU-Africa offers several scholarships to its students as follows:

Full Scholarships – These scholarships are given to bright and needy students who are joining the university for the first time. It covers tuition fees, books, etc.

Partial Scholarships – These scholarships cover tuition fees in full for one male and one female candidate.

Diversity Scholarships – These scholarships target specific vulnerable members of society.

  1. University of Nairobi Scholarships and Awards

The University of Nairobi offers a number of scholarships and awards to its students. These include:

  • Rattansi Education Fund Scholarships – These are scholarships for undergraduate students administered by the Rattansi Education Trust.
  • The Rockefeller Foundation Scholarships – These scholarships are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the university.
  • Professor Muriuki Scholarships – These scholarships are offered to module one undergraduate students admitted to the university.
  • Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Programme – This scholarship programme targets bright and needy undergraduate students at the University.
  • Chandaria Education Scholarships – Bright and needy module one undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships.
  • Rotary Club Scholarships – This scholarship program targets bright and needy module one undergraduate students at the university.
  • University of Nairobi Scholarships – Over 100 scholarships are given to the best-performing students every year.

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