December 29, 2022

More Questions Answered For The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

  1. Is the scholarship for women only?
    The scholarship is also open to men. Each cycle of calls for applications specifies the target group it is focusing on.
  2. Can I get the scholarship and study in a university of my choice?

No. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at USIU-Africa is only valid for at USIU-Africa. However, Mastercard Foundation has partnered with other universities across the globe for the Scholars program. Each partner university has their own independent recruitment process. The partner universities can be found on the Mastercard Foundation Website.

  1. If my interest is in engineering, can I apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship is only valid for the 13 programs sponsored at USIU-Africa. If an applicant applies for a program that is not offered under the scholarship, their application is disqualified.

  1. Does the scholarship cover post-graduate studies (Masters programs)?

No. The scholarship is only valid for undergraduate programs.

  1. Can I transfer credits into the scholarship if I am already a scholar in another university or in USIU-Africa?

No. The scholarship is only open to first-time undergraduate seeking applicants.

  1. Can I make an application if I dropped out of another university?

The recruitment panel will review the applications case by case to determine if the reason given for dropping out fits our eligibility criteria.

  1. Can I make an application if I have a diploma and not an undergraduate degree?

No. The scholarship is only open to applicants who are disadvantaged such that they have previously not had an opportunity to join a tertiary institution.

  1. Can I make an application if I have not finished high school but will be finishing soon?

No. The final certificate/result slip for final year secondary school must be attached to the application documents for consideration. An applicant has to wait till they get that final certificate to make an application in the next cycle.

  1. Who caters for the application and recruitment process cost including transport to the interviews?

The applicant fully caters for the cost of the application and recruitment related costs including transport to the interviews and printing costs.

  1. If I make an application and I am unsuccessful, can I make an application in the next cycle of scholarship call for applications?

It depends on the reason for being unsuccessful in the first instance. If the reason is that the applicant had not met the minimum university entry qualifications, then they don’t need to make another application as the status quo remains. For other reasons such as not meeting the deadline, failure to attach the required documents, etc, one can rectify their mistake and reapply.

  1. What does the scholarship cover?
  • Tuition and functional fees;
  • Laptops, books, and other learning materials;
  • Reasonable accommodation and meals;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Stipend;
  • Transport to and from home;
  • Access to leadership training;
  • Access to entrepreneurial training;
  • Psycho-social support, career counseling, and mentorship.
  • Disability needs are reasonably catered for.
  1. How much stipend is given to the beneficiaries?

The stipend given to the beneficiaries is reasonable for their comfortable stay in campus during their studies.

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