Scoppe Loan Mobile App

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Scoppe Loan Mobile App

Scoppe is an online money lending application that is accessible through the Google play store, this makes the availability of cash to the market much more easy as they get rid of the conventional borrowing money option of having to line up at the banking halls, for one to access the services of Scoppe online borrowing application they need to have a smartphone with internet connection in order to be up to date with the services being offered. Due to the high internet presence nationally and the affordability of smartphones the online lending applications have become so common and convenient for the masses.

For one to qualify for the loan they have to meet the very basic standards and requirements that at have been set by the  Scoppe to ensure that they can pay back the loan and also they have met the set regulations by the authority in charge of credit facility by the authorities. One of the other factors is that one must have a clean credit record especially with the credit and reference bureau, having a clean record with the bureau increase the probability of one paying back the money once they borrow the funds. They also need to ensure they are registered with a telecom financial service of their choice, this is to facilitate them accessing the funds once the loan has been approved.When making the application for the loan, they need to login using their Facebook account or Google account to enable them access the funds, In addition to that there is one will have to scan their national identity card or their passport for authentication and preventing fraudsters applying for the loans without the right documents and through impersonation, including the phone number in the form is necessary to facilitate sending money to the account holder.

Advantages of borrowing through Scoppe include;Simple and exquisite design of the application to make it more user friendly to the masses, this has made the application more popular and convenient.Quick response in terms of reply from the firm and ensuring that the customer has the funds within the shortest time possible.Credit benefit analysis, to the clients who payback in good time they get to access more funds due to the good credit record they have with the firm.The money is deposited directly in to the mobile money account at any time of the day upon making the application.Disadvantage of borrowing using Scoppe;High interest on the loans borrowed especially if it’s in small amounts.Lack of flexibility upon paying back or delaying in paying back the borrowed the funds, thus the customer ends up being listed in the credit reference bureau.