Ubapesa Mobile Loan App

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Ubapesa Mobile Loan App

Ubapesa is an online application that offers loans to all types of borrowers whether it is a business loan or a personal loan online application is accessible to all those who want to borrow money from the application by downloading form the Google play store and also by providing their financial details and also by having met the needed requirements to qualify for loan. Some of the key requirements include having a clean borrowing record with the credit reference bureau record and also their ability to borrow and repay the loan by either having a fulltime job or a reliable source of income.

The requirements for one to apply for the Ubapesa Loan they must a national identity card to verify the authenticity of the borrower and also to ensure that they can be traced and followed up upon defaulting in paying back the money. On the other hand there is the aspect having a clean credit record with the credit bureau to enable them borrow more money and more importantly to ensure that they have  a clean and also a good culture of paying back borrowed money.In addition to that they, there is the aspect of having a link with a mobile telecommunication firm to enable them withdraw the money once the loan has been approved by the firm. Ubapesa loan deposits the money in the M-Pea account of the borrower.Advantages of borrowing with Ubapesa;Quick response in borrowing money with the application. This has increased the money borrowed and also spurring economy growth and prosperity.Accessibility of the money borrowed increases the ability of realizing financial goals and prosperity. This being one of the main aims of offering loans to the public and also filling the gap that has been left out by the conventional banks.

Low interest being charged on the money being borrowed, this brings about good opportunities and growth of the company.Increased amount faster in comparison with the conventional banks, this increases job opportunities and also development.Disadvantages of borrowing with Ubapesa;Very short periods offered to those who have borrowed to pay back the money, this has seen most of the clients defaulting and some being listed with the credit and reference bureau.Lack of personalized attention on the clients by the firm due to the online services being offered and also the need to attend to different services and specifications depending with a client.