Construction Loans in Kenya

Although construction loans in Kenya can be costly with comparatively high-interest rates, the fact is- we’ve seen developers who’ve calculatedly leveraged them for successful real estate projects. On the flip side, however, reports from various banks show that a fair number of the funded projects usually bite the dust. And as […]

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How to Apply For a Construction Loan in Kenya

The process of applying for a construction loan in Kenya will cost you not only time but also a considerable amount of money. You see, the bank won’t be paying your project manager, architect, civil engineer, quantity surveyor, or other project consultants. You’re required to appoint them in advance, and […]

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Land Purchase Loans In Kenya

Land Purchase Loans Image

NATIONAL BANK PLOT PURCHASE LOAN This is a facility that enables you to purchase a portion of land that does not contain any buildings. National Bank finances up to 85% of the value of the land. The maximum repayment period is 10 years. You will enjoy comprehensive life, fire and […]

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Construction Loans In Kenya

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CONSTRUCTION LOAN FROM FAMILY BANK Family bank can help you finance the development of your land depending on the construction and the value of your land. Financing is for both residential housing and estate development. The features of such a loan include legal fees, valuation fees, stamp duty that is […]

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