August 14, 2023


Loans and Lines of Credit

Whether a large corporation, medium-sized company or a small business enterprise, their Corporate Banking Relationship Managers can put together a loan package that will address your needs. BPI can help you fund the following:

  1. Expansion and investments, such as:
  • Purchase, construction or renovation of a commercial or industrial property.
  • Acquisition of a fixed asset such as new or upgrade equipment and machinery to improve production capacity.
  1. Bridging the gaps in your working capital requirements for:
  • Receivables
  • Local or imported raw material inventory
  • Importations
  • Export production
  • New projects
  • Refinancing of existing loans
  • Purchase of domestic checks, foreign drafts and export bills

Depending on the requirements as well as BPI’s evaluation of the business, the loan can vary as to type of facility (straight loan or credit line), denomination (local or foreign currency), and security (clean or secured), term (short or long-term) and interest re-pricing (fixed or floating rate).


If you need a specific amount of funds for payments within a prescribed time period, BPI offer straight loans which may be short-term (payable within 365  days) or long-term (more than 365 days).

Short–Term Loan (STL)

Term Loan (TL)

For recurring working capital requirements, BPI offers credit lines for a variety of purposes. The lines mature in one year and are renewed annually. Loan availability are done through 360-day promissory notes (PNs).


  • Export Advance Line (EAL)
  • Import Letter of Credit/Trust Receipt (LC/TR) Line
  • Export Bills Purchased Line (EBPL)


  • Revolving Promissory Note Line (RPNL)
  • Bills Purchased Line (BPL)
  • Sugar Quedan Financing Line (SQFL)
  • Guaranty Line

They accept the following collateral:

  • Peso and foreign currency deposits
  • Government securities
  • Real estate (vacant lot or with improvements)
  • Acceptable shares of stocks
  • Standby letter of credit issued by a domestic or foreign bank
  • Assignment of export letter of credit/purchase order/sales contract


BPI’s flexible loan packages are designed to cater to your business needs. Corporate clients can take advantage of BPI’s attractive interest rates and our dedicated team of corporate banking relationship managers.

To know more about how BPI can be of service to you, feel free to set an appointment or contact BPI Corporate BANKING at: BPI CORPORATE BANKING


BPI’s Agribusiness Loans can finance the set-up, expansion or rehabilitation of farming businesses, maximizing it for production and profit. With BPI Agribusiness, business owners can raise working capital for any of the following:

  • Livestock and Poultry
  • Aquaculture and Fishery Operations
  • Fruits, Vegetable and Crop Production
  • Post-Harvest Operations/Food Processing
  • Farm Integration and Diversification
  • Sustainable/Renewable Energy Projects
  • Agricultural Trading
  • Other Agri-related Businesses

For agri-related project development, expansion, acquisition of fixed assets and working capital,

BPI offers:

  • Medium/Long–Term Loans (MTL/LTL)
  • Revolving Promissory Note Line (RPNL)
  • Short–Term Loan (STL)
  • Sugar Crop Loan (SCL)
  • Sugar Quedan Financing (SQF)
  • Domestic Letters of Credit/Trust Receipts (LC/TR) Line
  • For agri-related import/export needs, BPI offers:
  • Import LC/TR line
  • Foreign standby letter of credit
  • Export advance line

Whether a person is an existing “agripreneur” or planning to be one, BPI can help them expand or start their agri-enterprise with BPI Agribusiness Solutions. BPI’s seasoned corporate relationship managers can customize banking solutions from its suite of products to meet agribusiness needs.

To know more about how BPI can be of service, feel free to set an appointment or contact BPI’s Agribusiness team at:
(02) 816-9511

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