August 18, 2023



Trade and Working Capital Solutions

Their total trade solutions offered will assist you through the complexity of international trade by leveraging on our extensive international network.

Import Trade Services

  • Bonds & Guarantees: Standard Chartered Bank is able to issue your organization a wide range of Bonds to facilitate your contractual obligations. Their Bond offerings include Advance payment bonds, Bid Bonds and Bank Guarantees.
  • Import financing: The Bank is able to part fund the import content of your business using a wide range of products such as invoice financing and letters of credit.
  • Import LC issuance: The Bank is able to support the import content of your business with various letter of credit types such as red clause, standby and confirmed letters of credit.
  • Import collections services: As an importer, the Bank is ready to act as a financial umpire by handling suppliers’ credit arrangements between importer and exporter and ensuring documentary expectations of the exporter / creditor are met.

Export Trade Services

  • Export LC advising: Standard Chartered Bank handles inward letter of credit advising to both SCB and Non SCB customers.
  • Export financing: The Bank is able to structure financing for export programs.
  • Export LC checking and collection services: The Bank is able to aid local exporters in the processing of export LC documentation and collections of their export proceeds.


Finance your day-to-day cash flow requirements of your normal business activity with their overdraft facility. This is a revolving borrowing facility repayable on demand, made available in connection with a current account. Overdrafts are a flexible form of borrowing for short-term rather than long-term financing for which other, more appropriate credit lines are available.


Opportunities are not given. They are seized. While many entrepreneurs recognize the importance of planning for long-term growth, not many know what the key considerations are when evaluating capital budgeting decisions to fund business growth.

Seizing Opportunities for Business Growth. Business expansion requires capital investments, which are basically medium to long-term investments financed by one or a combination of the following:

  • Retention of business profits.
  • Injection of fresh capital by business owner(s).
  • Financing via bank loans that need to be repaid based on projected future business cash flows.

Committing to Your Business Growth. By providing you with a host of speedy services and lending solutions to fund your business growth, Standard Chartered is ready to help you create and make the most of business expansion opportunities with a full suite of short term, medium term and long term financing solutions to grow your business.


Loan against Property

The Loan against Property is a property-backed term loan for Business Banking clients to finance fixed asset acquisition, business expansion and other long term business requirements.
This loan is ideal for proprietors, partnership firms, private limited companies and self-employed individuals and professionals.


  • Loan up to 70% of the market value of your property
  • Flexibility to opt for pure Term Loan or a combination of Term Loan, Short term loan & Overdraft
  • Attractive interest rates
  • High loan amounts
  • Borrow against your property

Business Mortgage

Through their Business Banking mortgage plan, they offer you an opportunity to acquire residential, commercial or industrial property. The property that you are buying will also double up as the security for your loan. Interest is calculated on a monthly basis.


  • Loan tenor up to 20 years
  • Loan up to 80% of the value of the property
  • Properties can be for company’s directors or company use
  • Competitive interest rate
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager to cater to your business needs


Term Loans are a structured form of borrowing intended to finance specific transactions or assets. Drawings are usually made in one amount and the repayment is typically made by fixed monthly, quarterly or annual repayments depending on the nature of the underlying transaction, and the cash flow it generates.

Short Term Loan

This is a contract between a borrower and the Bank where the customer is provided a loan amount either in local or foreign currency for a period not exceeding one year. Interest is charged on the individual drawings made under the loan at a rate agreed at the time of the drawing.

Medium Term Loan

This is a contract between a borrower and the Bank whereby the Bank provides the borrower with a certain currency (in this case domestic), for a period in excess of one year and up to 5 years. Drawings against the loan are usually made in one amount. The principal and interest will be repaid over the tenure of the loan as per the agreed terms.

Long Term Loan

This is a contract between a borrower and the Bank where Standard Chartered Bank provides the borrower with a certain amount for a period in excess of 5 years and up to 7 years.

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