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Timiza was launched by the Barclays Bank of Kenya. This is a digital platform that offers various services such as loans, insurance and serves as a bank account.FFTO SUCCESSFULLY PROCURE A LOAN FROM TIMIZA, YOU REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING:To register for the services you will receive;This is accomplished by: a) dialing *848# by using your Safaricom lineb) Downloading the app from Google Play Store.2. Then proceed to create an accountFor one to create an account: a) Safaricom number is needed which should have M-Pesa registered accountA PIN will be sent to your phone via SMS.Use the PIN to activate the registered servicesAfterwards, recreate a key which you will use to access your accountPLEASE NOTE; once you have excelled in the creation of an account, you can be able to procure a loan immediately

FEATURES OF TIMIZA LOANSThe amount of loan issued to an applicant heavily relies on your M-Pesa history transactionThe interest charged is 6.17%The duration of paying back the loan is 30 daysThe loan procured if of up-to Kshs. 150,000HOW TO ACQUIRE THE TIMIZA APP:THE REQUIREMENTS:An individual who wants to acquire the Timiza App should have the following;One should have: a) attained the minimum age of 18 year                            b) An operating M-Pesa account                            c) An Android device (tablet or smartphone)THE PROCEDURE OF DOWNLOADING THE TIMIZA APP FROM THE PLAY STORE:Start by, downloading Timiza App from Google Play StoreThen, fill in the required details about yourselfFinish by, activating your accountTHE PROCEDURE OF ACQUIRING A LOAN FROM THE TIMIZA APP:Log-in to the Timiza APPThe amount limit of the loan you can procure will be displayedChoose ‘My loans’Select ‘Request loan’Then enter the amount of money you desire to be issued with (don’t exceed your loan limit)Select ‘Continue’Patiently wait for a notification from TimizaIf approved, the loan procured will be sent to your Timiza account.PLEASE NOTE; you can opt to move your money into M-Pesa account and later withdraw the money from M-Pesa agents.THE PROCESS OF REPAYING THE TIMIZA LOAN:Log – in to the Timiza AppChoose ‘My loans’Then select ‘Repay loans’You can opt to either pay back in full or partialYou can also decide whether to use the Timiza App or M-Pesa account in repaying the loanProceed to enter your Timiza PINThen ‘continue’

PLEASE NOTE; in-case you select the M-Pesa and pop up fails, kindly use the Barclays Timiza pay bill number (300067) in repaying the loanTHE FOLLOWING IS THE PROCESS TO FOLLOW WHEN USING THE BARCLAYS TIMIZA PAY BILL NUMBER;Go to ‘M-Pesa’Then select ‘Pay bill number’Enter the number 300067 as the ‘business number’Use your phone number as the ‘account number’Then enter Amount (this is the amount of money borrowed)Enter ‘PIN’Finally submitWait for a Timiza notificationPLEASE NOTE;If you pay back more than you owe, the excess money shall be credited to the Timiza AccountAn applicant may opt to repay the loan directly by visiting any of the Barclays Bank BranchHOW ONE CAN CONTACT THE TIMIZA HELP CENTER:Call; 020 3900000Call;0732 130120Call;0722 130120The Email address is;