Money Lessons

Money Lessons That You Never Learned in School

1. The world is designed to separate you from your money. I firmly believe that everything in this world is designed to separate you from your money. An economics professor dropped this gem on us one morning (so I technically learned this in college). Since hearing this, I can’t stop […]

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Money Lessons I Wish I Learned When I Was Young

1. Inflation The first money lesson that I wish I knew earlier is to understand inflation. So inflation is the decreasing value or purchasing power of any given currency over time. What that means is, in general, the price of everything is going up and the value of your cent […]

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Money Lessons Every Child Should Learn

From a very young age, children pay close attention to how money is treated in their home. Many parents are missing the opportunity to use the observations as teaching opportunities. Parents prefer to keep quiet when there are struggles or disagreements about money, especially with things such as debt, paying […]

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Life Lessons About Money

1. Investing while young is mandatory It can be scary to wake up one day with the realization that it’s no one else except yourself to plan and save for your future. The day I learned what a Robo-advisor was, was the same day I finally felt less pressure and […]

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Lessons I’ve Learned About Money

Here are 31 lessons I’ve learned about money… 1. I’ve never met a person who ever reached ‘their number.’ You know, people say, ‘When I hit X amount, I’ll be good.’ They say, ‘Once I have X years’ salary in the bank, I’ll be good.’ No one ever seems to […]

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Important money lessons to share with your kids

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that should be imparted to children from a young age. Teaching your kids about money not only equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to make sound financial decisions but also sets them up for a more secure and prosperous future. […]

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