Micro finance Loans

Small Business Grants from Angel Investors in Kenya

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on some sectors of business (particularly retail and hospitality/travel) has been huge. However, the Kenyan government has come up with several schemes and state aid packages to support business in this difficult time. Some of these schemes are as follows: Employee Cover- You claim […]

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The Empowerment Fund Application Process Applicants must undergo business training with either Hand in Hand International or Junior Achievement and must demonstrate ability and interest to save. After the training, the applicant who is aged 18-24 and has been trained by JA Kenya; or a JA Kenya alumni whose members […]

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MICRO LOAN FUND It is a micro lending Fund for Kenyans disbursed through Safaricom Foundation’s partners – Junior Achievement Kenya (JA) and Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiHEA) who have experience in group mobilization, business training and provision of access to micro credit. The Fund is available to individuals and […]

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AUTO LOGBOOK LOANS Ngao Credit offers quick loans against motor vehicles. You can borrow up to 60% of the value of your car in 6 hrs and repay within a period of up to 20 months. Why Take an Auto Logbooks Loan with Ngao Credit ltd? You get your cash […]

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