October 18, 2019


The Empowerment Fund Application Process

Applicants must undergo business training with either Hand in Hand International or Junior Achievement and must demonstrate ability and interest to save. After the training, the applicant who is aged 18-24 and has been trained by JA Kenya; or a JA Kenya alumni whose members are aged 18-24 applies for the loan through Junior Achievement. An individual who is aged 18 years and above and belongs to a group established by HiHEA applies for the fund through Hand in Hand Eastern Africa. Application forms are also available at Junior Achievement Kenya and Hand in Hand Eastern Africa offices and also their websites.

About the Micro Loan Fund: Empowerment Partners

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) Global was founded in 1919 and is recognized throughout the world as experts in business and economic education to young people. Its work started in Kenya in 1999 in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the private sector. Through JA Kenya support, more than 450,000 young people have been impacted on with at least 30,000 participating in their programs every year. They have also engaged 17,000 volunteer mentors who have brought business theory to life in more than 500 schools countrywide.

Junior Achievement Kenya has partnered with Safaricom Foundation since 2005 in preparing and inspiring young people to succeed in the global economy through mentorship sessions, job shadow and career development initiatives. It works with young people aged 18- 24.

Address: The Executive Director: Junior Achievement Kenya, Court 30, Maisonette 5, Masaba Road off Bunyala Road,
Contact Information:0708 181 106; Email: ; Website:

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiHEA) was registered in 2011 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya and is a member of the Hand in Hand global Network. Its focus is to work within the Eastern Africa Region but currently working in Kenya and Rwanda and plans to gradually reach out to other countries within the Region. In Kenya, HiH EA is operating in 21 Counties through 20 branch (field) offices and gradually reaching out to other counties in the country. Their core business is entrepreneurship development training which is implemented through groups. HiH has been able to create more than 80,000 businesses in the 21 counties through community groups. Their target age is 18 and above.

Address: Chief Executive Officer; Hand in Hand Eastern Africa; P.O Box 8562-00100 Nairobi; Tel: +254 (20) 2660908,/2660909; Mobile: 254 703 960 766; Email:; Website: ;

Project Eligibility

  1. All applications submitted to the Safaricom Foundation should:
  2. Address interventions within the thematic areas of the Foundation as detailed in section i to viii below;
  3. Be implemented within the Republic of Kenya;
  4. Demonstrate positive impact on a broad population/community and not an individual;
  5. Demonstrate sustainability in the long run;
  6. Demonstrate tangible measurable outcomes at the community level;
  7. Demonstrate community ownership and participation;
  8. Be technically sound and viable;
  9. Have a budget that accurately reflects the nature of the project to be implemented; and
  10. Be submitted and be implemented by organizations that are registered charities, NGOs, CBOs and formally constituted groups.

Non-Fundable Projects

The Safaricom Foundation does not fund the following projects activities:

  • Requests for individual assistance
  • Political activities
  • Projects run by political/religious/faith based organizations unless such projects benefit a broader community irrespective of religious belief.
  • Capacity building, training, awareness creation and related activities
  • Event sponsorships
  • HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment activities

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