August 18, 2023


Award winning Rosabon Financial Services is a member of the Concept Group.

Licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN on April 22, 1993 and being a long standing member of the Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria (ELAN), the organization has evolved into Nigeria’s leading Non-Banking Financial Intermediary and Equipment Leasing firm focused on niche and general markets. The success of Rosabon Financial Services is attributed to their emphasis on customer satisfaction, integrity, professionalism and our utmost commitment to excellence.


  1. Rosabon Quick Loan

This is an innovative lifestyle product for individuals who are looking to access quick cash for emergencies; be it medical or any other form of unforeseen expenses. This product eliminates unnecessary paperwork, long approval time, giving you the opportunity to access as much as ₦1.5 Million within 24 Hours without any Collateral or Guarantor(s). This innovative, easy to access product is transparent and flexible, comes with friendly interest rates and a flexible repayment structure of up to 6 months.

Gain quick and easy access to funds with RQL today!

Application Requirements

  1. Be in a paid employment
  2. Be between 21 and 58 years
  3. Have a current account
  4. Have a pension account or tax ID
  5. Have a valid Proof of Identification

How To Apply

  1. Go to their website and apply
  2. Send an email to
  3. Call +2348150880038, +2348150880039, +2348150991085, +2348150991086, +234150880082
  4. Walk into any Rosabon Financial Services offices in Lagos, Abuja, Warri and Port Harcourt 32, Montgomery Road, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Imperial plaza, No. 24, Olu Obasanjo Road, Port Harcourt.
  • Plot 789a, first floor, Nigerian Reinsurance Building (opposite BoI), Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Business District, Abuja.
  • Suite 9, Eku Plaza, 128 Effurun/Sapele Road, Warri, Delta State.
  1. Rosabon Personal Loan

A personal loan is one of the most efficient ways to stay in control of your finances while making the most of life’s opportunities and experiences. It is also the fastest and easiest way to access that extra fund needed to meet those ever rising financial expenses. This Collateral free lifestyle product comes with the lowest interest rate available in the financial market as well as ease of process, giving you access to as much as ₦3 Million within 48 hours. Their personal loans are affordable and repayment is spread over a period of 10 months such that your cash is freed up for other purposes.

Dream it; achieve it with the Rosabon Personal Loan!

Application Requirements

  1. Be in a paid employment
  2. Be between 21 and 58 years
  3. Have a salary account
  4. Have a pension account or tax ID
  5. Have a valid Proof of Identification
  6. Have a recent utility bill


You can achieve all your financial goals and responsibilities with the Rosabon Asset Cash
Loan (ACL). ACL affords you the unrestricted opportunity to access a loan of up to 15 million Naira and above by using your vehicle as an Asset against the loan. This Loan facility comes with a repayment plan of up to 24 months (2 years) which makes repayment easy.
It can’t get better than this! What’s more? You still have unrestricted access to the use of your vehicle for your regular day-to-day or business activities, making the attainment of financial
goals easy.

  1. Rosabon Credit Cash Back

The Rosabon Credit Cash Back is specially packaged for existing Treasury clients and customers of Rosabon Financial Services who operate Rosabon Win Big Note (RWIN), Rosabon Treasury Note (RTN) and Rosabon Earnings Plan (REAP) accounts. Customers are given quick loans at a much reduced rate to solve urgent financial needs without disrupting their monthly savings plans or compromising on their long term goals. This product allows customers gain access to more than their current placement with Rosabon while paying back conveniently.


  • Attend to urgent financial needs without disrupting long term investment plan
  • Accrue more interest on current investment
  • Highly affordable interest rate
  • Structured repayment plan

How To Apply

  1. Indicate your interest in the “Credit cash Back”
  2. Fill out the application and client information form
  3. Provide necessary documents including:
  • 2 passport photographs
  • 2 Valid forms of identification
  • Updated company bank statements etc


  1. Rosabon Business Loan

Conveniently expand your business operations, acquire new projects and grants with the aide of their business loan targeted at registered Business Owners. The Rosabon business loan facility is an interest rate friendly product which provides business owners the required sum needed to boost their company’s growth without necessarily having them pull out capital from a pre-existing profit stream.

Increase your business operations with the Rosabon Business Loan!

Application Requirements

  1. Be a Limited Liability Company
  2. Have been in operation for at least one year
  3. Have 2 current accounts
  4. Have 2 collaterals
  5. Have utility bills and 2 passports


  1. Corporate Asset Cash Loan

The Rosabon Corporate Asset Cash Loan is designed to meet the needs of corporate organizations that are looking to free up capital being tied down as a result of investment in operational assets. These organizations can now access quick and affordable loans while keeping their vehicle(s) which stands as a collateral for other daily business use. The Asset cash Loan comes at a lower interest rate and is usually customized to suit the needs of each organization.

Application Requirements

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Company profile
  3. Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Memorandum of Association
  5. Identification card
  6. Bank Statements (6 month most recent)
  7. Audited financial statement/Management
  8. Statement of Cash flow
  9. 2 Passport Photographs
  10. Utility Bill


  1. Rosabon Group Loan

The Rosabon Group Loan seeks to bridge the gap between Employee Productivity and Company’s profitability. It is designed to give employees access to fast, affordable and stress free loans while their organization remains profitable as it does not have to release extra funds to employees which otherwise could be maximized for other profit making ventures. One major benefit of the Rosabon Group Loan is that it keeps employees happy while their organizations are able to prioritize and maximize profit. However, to access this loan, employee’s organization must have a partnership agreement with Rosabon.


  • Improves Productivity and Profitability
  • Boost Employees’ morale for work
  • Quick and affordable cash for emergencies

Application Requirements

  1. Be duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  2. Not have less than thirty (30) staff members
  3. The organization must run a thriving business (based on earnings report)
  4. Pay staff regularly
  5. Operate salary accounts
  6. Must be located in Lagos, Abuja, Warri or Port Harcourt

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