August 15, 2023



  • Back-to-Back Loan is a standby loan available to existing Savings and Time Deposit account holders that intends to bridge financial gaps for personal and business purpose.


  • For a minimum of PhP100, 000 loan, a client can borrow against his Savings and Time Deposit in Peso or US Dollar.


  1. Conforme
  2. Offering Ticket (OT)
  3. Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)
  4. Two (2) copies of notarized Promissory Note with Deed of Assignment (PNDA)
  5. Marital consent shall be required unless waiver for such condition is stipulated in the Offering Ticket (for assignors who are married)
  6. In case of corporate borrowers, a Secretary’s Certificate on the Corporation’s Board of Approval:
  • authorizing the Officers of the Corporation to secure a loan from the Bank
  • authorizing the use of the deposit as a collateral for the loan
  • specifying the authorized signatories for the documents related to the transactions
  1. Certificate of Time Deposit duly endorsed by the depositor/assignor or passbook stamped “With Hold-Out”


The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Business Loan is a secured credit facility that caters to the business financing requirements of entrepreneurs and business owners. The program provides Short Term Loans or Revolving Credit Lines and Term Loans.


  • Facility:

Short Term Loan (Revolving Credit Line) – a 30 to 180-day revolving credit line ideal for business operating and working capital requirements

Term Loan – a credit facility paid in monthly amortizations for a period of up to 10 years to address long term financing needs of businesses

  • Purpose:
  1. Business Expansion
  2. Acquisition
  3. Working Capital
  4. Refinancing of existing credit facilities
  • Loan Amount:

Minimum: PhP500, 000

Maximum: PhP50, 000,000

  • Processing Time: 21 banking days
  • Term:

Term Loan: Up to 10 years

Short Term Loan: 30, 60, 90, or 180 days

  • Interest Rate: Prevailing SME Business Loan rate at time of availment
  • Interest Rate Fixing:

Term Loan: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years fixing term

Short Term Loan: 30, 60, 90, or 180 days

  • Collateral: Real Estate properties

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

Proprietorships, partnerships and corporations who:

  • are Filipino-owned
  • have been in business operations for at least three (3) years


  1. Duly filled-out and signed application form
  2. Payment of appraisal fee
  3. Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs of each authorized signatory
  4. Business registration papers issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (for sole proprietors)
  5. SEC Registration Certificate, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and latest General Information Sheet (GIS) (for corporations)
  6. Latest six (6) months bank statement
  7. Audited Financial Statements for the last three (3) years
  8. Income Tax Return for the last three (3) years
  9. Photocopy of TCT / CCT
  10. Photocopy of lot plan / vicinity plan / subdivision plan
  11. Photocopy of Tax Declaration


  1. Short-term Loans: This is a loan facility established to finance interim requirements to manage inventory, accounts receivables and payables, cash and other working capital-related corporate expenses.
  2. Term Loan Financing: A loan product set-up to finance capital expenses related to plant expansion, equipment and machinery purchases, land acquisition and other intermediate term requirements.
  3. Syndicated Financing: For large-scale financing requirements denominated in Philippine Pesos or US Dollars, CTBC BANK can organize a group or syndicate of banks and investors who will each act as a participating lender in the facility.
  4. Omnibus Facility: A multi-purpose credit line which may be drawn on a one-time or multiple bases.
  5. Discounting Facility: A type of credit line granted by the bank against an assignment of post-dated checks issued by the bank-customer’s vendors. Repayment of the loan is taken from the proceeds of the matured postdated checks.
  6. Domestic Bills Purchase Line: A type of financing product where the bank purchases current dated checks

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