August 15, 2023



The End-Buyers Tie-Up Agreement helps you buy or construct your home through an accredited developer. It also helps developers grow their business by supporting their housing projects or financing their client’s home acquisition or construction, after an accreditation process.

Eligible Borrowers

Individuals/End-buyers of properties from:

  • Developers with existing credit lines with LANDBANK
  • Developers and their subsidiaries with no existing credit lines with LANDBANK but have passed the “Accreditation Process”

For Developers:

  • Developers with existing credit lines/loans with LANDBANK
  • Developers and their subsidiaries with no existing credit lines with LANDBANK must submit their duly Audited Financial Statements and must have passed the ” Accreditation process”

Eligible Projects/Properties for Purchase

Lots only

  • Properties ready for occupancy

House and lots

  • Townhouse
  • Condominium units

Lot and houses for construction

Loan Purpose

  1. Acquisition/purchase of:
  • Lot
  • House and lot
  • Townhouse
  • Condominium units
  1. Acquisition/Purchase of a lot and the construction of a house
  2. Construction of a house on a lot owned by the borrower

Loanable Amount: Up to 90% of the contract price which includes selling price, titling and taxes, or outstanding balance whichever is lower

For Socialized Housing:

  • Outstanding balance which includes selling price, titling and taxes
  • Loanable amount should be within the paying capacity of the borrower where paying capacity is computed at;

For Private Employees:

  • 30% of the gross monthly income for private employees

For Government Employee:

  • Based on the amount as required by GAA, after housing loan amortization

Tenor: The loan shall have a maximum term of 20 years

For Socialized Housing: Maximum of 30 years

Collateral: Real Estate Mortgage on property to be acquired from any residential projects of the accredited developers


End Buyer/Borrower

  1. Duly accomplished loan application form with 1″ X 1″ photo
  2. Latest certificate of income and employment
  3. Latest Income Tax Return with BIR stamp
  4. Marriage Contract, if applicable


  1. Photocopy of TCT/CCT
  2. Photocopy of tax declaration (land improvements)
  3. Certified Lot Plan
  4. Certified Location and Vicinity Map
  5. Latest Real Estates Tax Receipt
  6. Photocopy of TCT/CCT Contract to Sell/Presell
  7. Master Deed of Restriction, in case of condominium
  8. HLURB Certification of Registration of Project
  9. HLURB Locational Clearance


A special lending program designed for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). LANDBANK’s Bahay para sa Bagong Bayani program allows OFWs to acquire, build or renovate their own homes at relaxed and flexible terms.

Eligible Borrowers

  1. Filipino citizens
  2. OFWs holding a live contract from a reputable company
  3. 21 years old but not more than 65 years of age upon loan maturity
  4. Clear of adverse credit finding with other creditors

Eligible Loan Purpose

  1. Purchase of:
  • Residential Lot House
  • Lot Residential Units
  • Condominium/Townhouse
  1. Construction/improvement or renovation of existing residential unit owned by OFW
  2. Refinancing of an existing housing loan of the OFW on “CURRENT” status
  3. Assumption by an OFW an existing housing loan by another borrower either with LANDBANK or another creditor

Loan Amount

Lowest of the paying capacity of the OFW or loan value of collateral with loan value of 80% provided that:

  • Financing will be for the principal residence or dwelling of the borrower OFW; and
  • The title should be under the name of the OFW


  • 20 years: for OFW with co-borrower
  • 15 years: for OFW without co-borrower


  • Primary, the Object of Financing or separate prime property if warranted

Others that may be accepted in addition to the object of financing:

  • Deposit with Hold-out

Interest Rate

  • Variable: Based on the posted rates at the time of availment
  • Subject to yearly repricing1
  • Fixed: Based on posted rates at the time of availment2
  1. 2-3 years
  2. 4-5 years
  3. 6-7 years
  4. 8-10 years
  5. 11-15 years
  6. 16-20 years
  • For Socialized Housing: 1% below the posted EHL rates at the time of availment subject to annual repricing3

1, 2 Applicable to EHL, END-BUYER’S TIE-UP and 3B
3 Applicable to END-BUYER’S TIE-UP only


For Credit Analysis:

  • Duly accomplished loan application form with 1″ X 1″ photo
  • Copy of employment contract

For Appraisal:

  • Photocopy of TCT/CCT
  • Photocopy of Tax Declaration (land improvements)
  • Latest Real Estate Tax Receipts
  • Certified by a Geodetic Engineer
  • Lot Plan
  • Location and vicinity map

For Construction and Renovation:

  • Photocopy of TCT/CCT

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