August 16, 2023


The company was incorporated as XDS Solutions Limited in May, 2005 with RC. No 623894 and having satisfied the conditions for the grant of a credit bureau license under the Central Bank of Nigeria Act, No. 7 of 2007, was granted final operating license on the 28th of May 2009 to operate a credit bureau in Nigeria.

First central credit bureau limited is part of an emerging Continental brand – XDS – that is committed to designing and deploying solutions that turn data into strategic tools for information and risk management.

It leveraged on the extensive involvement of its previous technical partner, expert Decision Systems (XDS) Pty Limited of South Africa, with credit bureau operations in South Africa, Ghana, Malawi, United Arab Emirates and Australia in making available to the Nigerian market, a suite of innovative and user-friendly information and credit management solutions.

In furthering of its commitment to provide the country with independent and credible credit information reporting services, no financial institution owns equity nor participates in the management of the company. This makes the company Nigeria’s only independent credit bureau.

Their competitive advantage is the effectiveness and success of any financial economy relies on a credit system that has the ability to cut across all sections of the society and deal with issues and challenges as they arise and they claim to so very well.

First central credit bureau limited claims to be committed to being a major innovator in this market segment. It is Nigeria’s first and only independent credit bureau. It is ranked Number 1 credit bureau in Nigeria with the largest subscriber base and the widest coverage with representation in some Africans and still growing. It has a strong and growing market presence that spans the entire country and expanding into other African countries.

It prides itself in the ability to deliver a customer centric service delivery platform including a well manned Dispute Resolution Unit. It is fast, user friendly portal and easy to interpret reports with innovative, value adding services at affordable prices. It leverages tested and world-class technological processes to deliver value to all its customers.

Its market share is over 1,500 corporate subscribers across Nigeria from commercial bank, discount houses, mortgage institutions, and leasing companies to retailers and over 450 Million records.

Their mission is to professionally manage an independent world-class credit bureau, develop and maintain a passionate highly motivated human capital base. Provide innovative and affordable information and risk management solutions.

Their vision is to be the best, preferred and trusted credit and information reporting agency in Nigeria.

Their values are integrity, passion, professionalism, accountability and trust.

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