August 16, 2023


It is a private limited liability company duly incorporated and licensed under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was established by a consortium of Eleven (11) leading Financial Institutions and Dun & Bradstreet with the purpose of delivering credit bureau services in Nigeria.

CRC Credit Bureau Limited provides a nationwide information repository on credit profiles of corporate entities as well as consumers, thus improving the ability of credit providers to make informed lending decisions. They claim to be the leading credit bureau company in Nigeria with credit information of over 95% of the Nigerian credit industry covering commercial banks, non-bank institutions, retailers & utility service providers. Access to their credit information database enables creditors to effectively assess the credit worthiness of new and existing customers for credit offers while taking advantage of their technology driven product offerings to develop new credit products.

They are a fully licensed credit bureau operator in Nigeria with a tested and trusted credit bureau solution provided by Dun & Bradstreet, a world player with over 170 years of credit bureau experience.
Their Vision is to set standards for financial empowerment and informed decision making.
Their mission is to deliver innovative products and services that enable their stakeholders make informed decisions and build credible profiles that enhance access to credit for strategic growth.
Their objectives are to generate and supply reliable and accurate credit information reports on borrowers in the consumer and corporate sectors and to its subsidiaries for permissible purposes only. CRC Credit Bureau is a neutral third party service provider to its subscribers.

CRC Credit Bureau claim to be recognized as the foremost in delivering superior credit bureau services with a robust database of qualitative and quantitative credit information, with a team of highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

CRC Credit Bureau has bagged multiple international awards over the years for superior service delivery, the two most recent being:

  • Best Loan Application Services Provider in Nigeria by Capital Finance International, London, UK-2014
  • Most Innovative & Impactful Credit Information Provider by International Brand Award, Nigeria – 2017

CRC Self Enquiry is a report of a person’s credit activities across all sectors of the economy. It shows a history of loans the person has taken; be it cash loans, auto-loans, or other forms of post-paid services.

Checking your credit report is the first major step in taking control of your financial situation. With detailed information about your credit as well as how lenders and creditors use it, you can increase your chances of being offered a credit facility as well as improve your credit status.

CRC Credit Bureau offers you access to your Credit Information Report (CIR) containing details about your identity and financial behavior as well as outstanding debts. These credit reports can be made available to you as permitted by law and may eventually speed up your ability to get credit.

The Credit Information Report (CIR) is a statement of your credit transaction history and provides amongst other information:

  • Credits/Loans you have enjoyed or you are currently enjoying (if any) from any institution
  • Credit/Loans service history
  • Overall status of the credit to date

This report provides regular updates on your credit status and also assists credit/loan granting institutions make informed decision during credit/loan application processing.
The report is delivered to your email within the next 48 hours of completing documentation.

If you need access to loans & postpaid products, get CRC credit reports on the go. Just dial *565*8# from your MTN line.
For more information, please call 09030002046 0r email them at

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