October 18, 2019


Zawadi Kenya is the premier online provider of same-day cash advances in Kenya. Zawadi Kenya is helping hard-working Kenyans across the country find a fast and convenient solution to immediate money needs from the privacy and convenience of home. Their same-day cash advances are a hassle-free solution to bills, emergency expenses or short-term money needs. Apply today to benefit from their industry-leading cash advance services. Whatever your needs or circumstances, they have you covered.

They offer two types of advances:

  • Their INSTALOANis a one month loan designed to help you achieve bigger financial goals with the convenience of combining both your immediate salary and the next salary. Insta Loan has a 30 day repayment period with an interest of 17%.
  • SHULECHUMZLoans are specially designed to make school fees’ payment effortless for everyone. The repayment period is 3 months, with 19% interest on the remaining balance. The cheque is addressed to the school of your choice.

How it works

Zawadi Kenya is dedicated to offering the fastest and most hassle-free lending available. They know your time is valuable, their process is designed to save you time. Their simple loan process is designed to get you quickly the money you need, when you need it most.

The procedure is extremely easy and consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Apply online through their easy to use and accessible online application system.
  2. Within two hours of submission, they will review your application and if approved, they give you the go ahead to deliver the supporting documentation.
  3. Collect your cheque, walk into a bank and walk out with cash.

Your application will be processed same day that it’s received. If approved before 2pm, you will receive payment on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make the loan process as easy and fast as possible, we have detailed below the answers to the most common questions asked by previous customers.

  1. How do I apply for a loan?

The procedure is extremely easy and consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Apply online through our easy to use and accessible online application system.
  • Receive quick approval through email to submit supporting documents
  • Collect your cheque

  1. How fast are loans processed?

Your application will be processed same day that it’s received. If approved before 2pm, you will receive your cheque on the same day.

  1. How much can I borrow?

How much do you need? Your loan amount is based upon their assessment of your ability to pay back through the proposed installments. For Insta Loan, you should refund within 30 days; for Shule Chumz, you have up to three months to refund the loan.

  1. Who can apply for a loan?

You must satisfy at least the following requirements to receive a payday loan from Zawadi:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be employed and receive a regular pay cheque or salary through a bank account
  • Must be a resident of Kenya

  1. How do I repay my loan?

When collecting your loan cheque, you will simply drop post-dated cheque(s) covering the total amount for the installment(s).

  1. Which supporting documents do I need?

First-time customers will be required to provide:

  • Original and photocopy of latest 3 pay slips
  • Original and photocopy of latest 3 months bank statements
  • One latest colored passport photograph
  • Copy of utility bill of where you stay, in borrower’s name
  • Original and photocopy of National Identification card
  • Original and photocopy of PIN
  • Post-dated cheque to refund the total amount due

  1. What are the opening hours of Zawadi offices?

Their offices are open Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, excluding national holidays. However, you only need to come to our office to collect your cheque, you can apply on-line any time.

  1. Who will have access to my personal information?

Any personal information will be used by Zawadi Kenya exclusively, for credit review purposes only. This information will not be disclosed to anyone. They commit to keep their customer data private and confidential.

  1. What is Zawadi PLUS member program?

Zawadi PLUS member program is a reward scheme for their most loyal customers. Zawadi PLUS members can benefit from discounts on loan transactions and special services like delivery of the cheque at your door step amongst others. For more details, please check their the Zawadi PLUS program section

  1. What are the advantages of using a personal Login?

Once you are logged into their system using your login and password, your personal information will be automatically displayed in the application form. No need to retype all the information, you just need to confirm that the data is still valid, that’s all. Applying for a loan is even easier now. You are now also able to see the details of the previous loans you have applied for. If you had forgotten the repayment date of your current, you can easily check on-line when the cheque will be banked. A great assistance to plan your finances.

  1. How do I get a personal Login?

As a Zawadi customer, you get a new login and password automatically as soon as you apply for a loan. The login is simply your email address, and your password is sent to that email address.

  1. How do I update my login with my new email address?

When your emails address changes, you can update your login next time you apply for a loan. Simply log in using the old password -if you remember the password-, or fill in the form from scratch. Make sure that you update the ’email’ field with your new address, and submit the request. Their records will automatically be updated with your new email address.

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