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Valley Capital Limited Loans

­­­­­­­­Valley Capital limited is small and medium enterprise loan lending firm that seeks to fund upcoming businesses and also those who are seeking emergency funding and also funds for the education upgrade. Valley Capital limited has been registered and approved under the company’s act to transact and operate in Kenya in accordance to laws and regulations of the country. The firm has also complied with the Banking act to ensure that their banking services have been approved and are in accordance with banking regulations to avoid irregularities and collapse of the microfinance.

Some of the services being offered by Valley Capital Limited do range from business loans, to personal loans and LPO financing. These loans do have varying requirements for one to apply and qualify for the funds. These includes proper records of the business and the profit that the business has been making in addition to that the firm has to send its personnel to assess the viability of the business and ascertain that it has met all the regulations in accordance to the law and also the assets in possession of the business.Personal loans are offered to members of Valley Capital and they have to ascertain that they have the ability to pay back the funds. Presenting banking statement for the past three months to show the mode of transacting of the banking account. A pay slip is also needed in the case of those who are employed as collateral. Also there is asset financing which enables the members to access the machines needed for their business example include vehicles, machinery and IT equipment’s. For one to qualify for this loan they need to demonstrate that they have a viable way of paying back the loan and also the fact that they have a clean paying back loan.

In the case of LPO financing are offered to supplier who have a project or tender and do not have the funds to supply the required materials, this enables businesses to acquire the materials and the assets in need for them to achieve their opportunity. The supplier has to assure their ability to pay back the money borrowed.Advantages of borrowing Valley Capital Limited;Wide variety of services being offered by the firm, this has seen most of the businesses to succeed and prosper as they acquire the materials and funds to execute the contracts offered.Low interest on the funds borrowed, this enables the clients to enjoy the money being offered and also to ensure that they can benefit from the credit being offered.Quick response by the firm in offering the loan to the clients, this increase the rating and ease in operating the business.Disadvantages of borrowing with Valley Capital limited;Lack of presence online limits the ability to access a wide market base.Many requirements for borrowing money limit those who can borrow.