August 18, 2023



At Standard Chartered they are in the business of helping you improve the quality of your life. That’s why they offer you a personal, unsecured loan to help you fulfil those dreams and live life to the full. Whether to buy a car, pay school fees for a post-graduate degree or for home improvement needs, our personal loan offers you a quick, convenient personal financing solution.


  • Borrow up to NGN 10 M Naira
  • Convenient monthly repayments for up to 60 months


  • Minimum monthly net salary of NGN 75,000
  • Letter of confirmation from employer
  • Valid identification document

Documents Required

  1. Completed application form
  2. Bank statements for the last 3 months
  3. Pay slips for the last 3 months
  4. Copy of driver’s license, international passport, national ID or voter’s card
  5. Copy of company or staff ID card
  6. Marriage or birth certificate (where applicable)
  7. Letter of Awareness from employer to domicile your salary with Standard Chartered Bank
  8. Important Information Documents (IID)

They require you to domicile your salaries and allowances with the bank. You will be required to instruct your employer to do so and your employer must confirm this in writing.


We all dream of owning our own homes. At Standard Chartered, they are committed to helping you turn that dream to reality. If you are over 21 years old, and have full-time employment, go and talk to them about a mortgage solution to help you achieve your dream of home ownership.


  • Higher loan amounts of up to NGN 200m
  • Longer loan tenor period of 20 years
  • Competitive interest rate as low as 19% p.a(when bundled with a credit card)
  • Minimum down payment of 20%
  • Use loan to purchase a holiday home
  • Purchase a home with your spouse, child, parent or sibling
  • Access equity release of up to 75% of Open Market Value of your property


  • Competitive interest rates on mortgage loans at 19% p.a.
  • Self Employed Priority Clients are welcome – their Home Solution is available to self-employed clients (business owners) as they support your dream to own a home.
  • Fast and hassle free processing – can’t wait for your loan? You no longer have to. If you are topping up or transferring your loan to them, you will get your funds sooner while they take care of the paperwork.
  • Joint Mortgage loans (product) – you could include your spouse, child, parent or sibling as a co-applicant for the loan.

Documents Required

  1. Duly completed application forms
  2. Domiciliation of salary with the bank
  3. 6 months original pay slips
  4. 12 months statement of salary account duly stamped by Bank
  5. Copy of International Passport, Driver’s license or National ID Card
  6. Letter of introduction/undertaking from Employer
  7. Copy of letter of employment and confirmation
  8. Address Verification document/current Utility bill
  9. For Balance Transfer – Letter of indebtedness from lending bank stating current outstanding balance, property documents in their custody, and state of perfection.
  10. Copy of title deed to the property for mortgage
  11. Copy of Approved building plan

Types of home loans offered by the Bank

  1. Outright Purchase
  2. Equity Release
  3. Balance Transfer

N.B: Perfection charges

Perfection fees are the fees paid to the government for the transfer of ownership of title from the original owner to the customer. It is also used for the registration of Legal Mortgage to note the Bank’s interest. Yes, you will be required to pay these fees upfront as it is a condition precedent to drawdown of the mortgage facility.

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