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Spring Board Capital Loans

Introduction;Springboard Capital limited is a microfinance lending company that offers loans through various platforms such as online platforms through the phones, there are various services that are being offered by the company these includes business loans which are focused on promoting the growth and opportunities of the business that are personal loans which are meant to cater for personal needs in one’s life. For one to access the mobile loans on their phones which is the Mkombozi loans thy can do so through dialing the numbers offered.

The company has been registered under the company’s act in order to ensure that they conform with company’s regulations and also with the Banking act to ensure that the microfinance has complied with the banking laws and regulations which ensure that the laws and banking policies are adhered.One can get to access the Spring Board Capital limited loans through a couple of ways depending with their most preferred means and the reasons for borrowing the money. In the case of mobile loans, one needs to dial the number offered and they have to be complaint with the banking regulations this includes they have not been listed in the credit reference bureau .In the case of personal loans, one needs to use collateral to ensure they can access the funds, these includes a car’s log book or even someone else can guarantee these ensures that the funds are secured. Spring Board Capital has created the leeway to allow those who borrow the personal loans to borrow without so much regulation.

On business loans, Spring Board Capital ltd has brought about regulation that one who borrows this money has to ensure that they have a business plan for their project to ascertain the authenticity and the probability of the business to succeed. In addition to that, one has to show that they are tax compliance and also they have proper records of the company through book keeping and the invoices of the company.Jiinue loans are personal and non-collateral loans which have not been secured this has been ensured through having a clean record and also ensuring that they can pay back the loan. Some of the unsecured loans jiinue loans could be due to reasons such as an emergency and also money to upgrade their personal life and the needs of their life.This however is so much similar to emergency loans which can double up as a Jiinue loan.Advantages of borrowing the money through Springboard Capital limited;

There are a wide variety of loans and groups of borrowing options on how they can borrow the money.Flexibility on how to pay the loans borrowed thus creating more opportunities on how to grow their businesses.Low interest rates being charged in comparison with other financial institutions and especially banks.Customer friendly and personalized attention between the clients and Springboard Capital.Disadvantages of borrowing money with Spring Board limited;Impulse borrowing on the money being provided unnecessary this leads to stress when paying and misuse of funds.Strict policies by the company limit the amount of money that can be borrowed by clients in the market.