December 29, 2022

Small Grants in Kenya 2022 – 2023; The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Nairobi has an annual call for proposals for small grants for Kenya.

This aid modality of Slovak Official Development Assistance is funded from the SlovakAid Programme and aimed directly at small-scale projects which represent more flexible, operative and effective financial support for developing countries.

Small Grants in Kenya – Focus Areas

  • Quality education
  • Good health
  • Good governance and civil society building
  • Food safety and agriculture
  • Infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Support for the creation of a market environment Cross-cutting themes:
  • Environment and climate change
  • Gender equality

The proposals must be in line with the Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Development Cooperation with the Republic of Kenya.

Small Grants in Kenya – Grant Information

The maximum amount of the non-repayable financial contribution from the SlovakAid programme is EUR 10,000 per project selected.

The applicants can co-finance the proposed projects from their own resources or other resources.

A maximum of 7 projects are awarded annually within this call for proposals.


The maximum duration of each project is 6 months commencing from the date of signing the Agreement between the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (hereafter Agency) and the Final Beneficiary.

Small Grants in Kenya – Eligibility Criteria

The call for proposals is open to registered legal persons, NGOs, non-profit subjects, and local authorities.

How to Apply for the Small Grants in Kenya

Project proposal procedure and grant selection process;

  1. The applicants are encouraged to submit the standard application form for financial contribution in English and send it with all mandatory appendices to the Embassy by regular mail in a sealed envelope, and as well as electronically to: Applications will be accepted when envelopes are clearly postmarked on or before the specified application closing date.
  2. The Embassy will conduct preliminary review of individual project proposals. The Embassy will assess each submitted proposal, and send it to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (hereafter Ministry) and the Agency.
  3. If the application is approved by the Ministry, the Agency will sign a grant agreement with successful applicants. Upon the signing of the agreement, the project implementation phase can be launched.
  4. After signing the agreement and receiving financial contribution from the Agency, the Embassy will transfer the respective amount of money approved in agreement (70 % of the approved grant) to the Final Beneficiary.
  5. The applicant is obliged to submit a Small Grant Completion Report and Small Grant Financial Report together with all necessary accounting documents, after the completion of the project, and send the requested documents to the Embassy, which will subsequently forward them to the Agency.
  6. After the completion and financial reporting documentation is approved by the Agency, the Embassy will pay the remaining balance of the budget (30 %) to the Final Beneficiary.

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