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SIL Capital Loans

SIL Capital Loans is a lending company that offers loans to both businesses and individuals, the interest rates being offered are very much friendly and affordable. The company is a non-deposit lending company, it being a microfinance company; it has the ability to access a huge pool of funds from the national government and also from international investors. The interest rates are competitive and also timely in comparison to the needs of the market and regulations being set by the authorities in charge of the financial sector in Kenya that is the Central Bank of Kenya.

Some of the key services being offered by the company include cheque discounting this has made the access to the funds more accessible an despite the risk of the cheque bouncing and having to save on time spent on waiting for the cheque to mature, LPO financing, the success of business largely depends on having the stock. Through having the funds for purchasing the goods and services the business is able to face its competitors and meet the needs of the market.For one to access the loans being offered by SIL Capital one needs to have a pay slip and be an employee of an organization or a government employee. Therefore, through having the pay slip and a constant source of income which acts as a guarantee one gets to access the loans being offered. The other form of accessing the loans is through invoice discounting, through presenting the unpaid money for services rendered then one can get to access the funds for development and adding more stock as they await payment of the invoices.

The mandatory requirements of having to access the SIL Capital loans is through having a recognized and a satisfactory collateral this includes a formal job with a constant pay or more so well outlined records that indicate the amount one has been earning in the past three months to ascertain their security and credit worthiness. In relation to services such as LPO Financing and Invoice discounting one has to present credible documents and receipts to ascertain the payments and services being rendered.Advantages of the SIL Capital limited;Availability of capital from the company, this attracts more customers and this makes the company more reliable and suitable for applying the loans.Well outlined terms of service and conditions of the loans ensure that the one can assess the value of the interest being charged and also the payment duration thus gaining the trust of the applicantsEase in application of the loans from SIL Capital limited which ensures that business activities are carried out with minimal delays and disruptions.

Disadvantages of SIL Capital Limited;Unfavorable to those who do not have formal employment since they cannot provide the three month pay slip, thus limiting on those who can apply on the loans.Too much documentation for one to access advance loans especially if their applying for business loans as they have to present business records and receipts to show the viability.Lack of online presence limits the accessibility of the funds and thus limits the company presence and loss of growth to other competitors who have embraced online lending applications.