August 18, 2023


Resort Savings and Loans Plc, with over 20 years of operational experience, has grown steadily in achievements, acceptability and reputation. With Customer Service as a major drive, combined with a passion to drive the mortgage sub-sector to new heights, Resort has continued to deliver products that cater for customers’ peculiar needs.


As a customer of Resort Savings the following are products that can help you as an individual to grow.

  1. Lease With Ease Account

This account type is mainly for the acquisition of equipment, household appliances, and Motor vehicles & Haulage trucks. It is for paid employees in highly reputable organizations, Civil servants and corporate bodies.


  • 30% Equity Contribution.
  • Tenor between 12-48 months.


  • Acquisition of Assets
  • Encourages individual saving habit
  • Lessen strain on customer’s cash flow

  1. Resort Eazy Life Account

The Resort Eazy life account is one of their numerous products that are targeted towards their retail customers.


  • Zero account opening balance with minimal account opening documentation
  • No restriction on the number of withdrawals.


  • Easy access to credit facilities within 48 hours

  1. Resort Daily Contribution Scheme(REDACOS)

REDACOS aims at providing opportunity for the small saver to help build his/her account but on a regular daily savings to the scheme towards attaining his/her financial goals.


  • A minimum contribution of N200 daily.
  • Attractive monthly interest for the customer(s) who does not make withdrawals in at least, three months.
  • Can be paid at the bank or collected at the customer’s location.
  • Provision of free financial advisory services.
  • Commensurate credit facility available.
  • Balance transferable to Savings Account on request.


  • Provides Savings opportunities for daily income earners
  • Brings Banking Services to the doorsteps of the commodity market operatives
  • Provides Mortgage Services to the Informal Sector
  • Secures Contributor’s Fund and Promotes savings habit.


(Resort Monthly Contribution Scheme)

REMOCOS is aimed at the average saver to help build his/her moderate but regular monthly savings to become tangible enough to facilitate attainment of his/her financial goals, commitments/obligations


  • A minimum opening amount of N5, 000.
  • A minimum monthly contribution of N5, 000.
  • A minimum tenor of Six (6) months.
  • Attractive interest rate.
  • Not more than one withdrawal per quarter.


  • Rewarding investment opportunities thereby made available to monthly income earners.
  • Creation of a pool of investible fund from the micro individual units.
  • Promotional savings habit amongst the middle level corporate manpower and entrepreneurs.
  • Access to Financial Advisory services to each contributor.
  • Cheques can be accepted on the account, at the discretion of the management.
  • Prompt withdrawals easily facilitated when the need arises.

  1. Reska

This account type is mainly for early wealth creation for kids


  • Parent only operatable.
  • Minimum opening balance of #5000.
  • Minimum account balance.


  • Easy Asset creation and Capital Appreciation
  • High yield of interest above savings interest rate
  • Inculcates the culture of savings into the children
  • Automatic membership in their Reska Club & admission to the class quarterly meetings
  • Facility to supplement Child’s School fees
  • Allow for lodgments of cheques and dividend warrant
  • For ages 0-12years
  • Free gift/educative sms and mails
  • Free birthday cake delivered to child’s school

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