August 14, 2023

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Try Online Banking

We now live in the digital world where almost everything could be done with just a few clicks. While we used to spend an inordinate amount of time under the sun or in the pouring rain trying to find a taxi, we now have ride-sharing apps that will only take you seconds to book. There’s also the advantage that online shopping provides, allowing you to pick out items from the comfort of your home and have it delivered right to your doorstep. And why wouldn’t the convenience of online service be applied to banking? You can skip the hassle of long lines and be able to do so much more with your time.

Online banking offers convenient bank transactions on-the-go or from the safety of your home. You don’t have to wait in line if you need to pay for your online purchases or check your account balance to keep track of your money. You can do banking at your own convenience, anytime and anywhere. If you’re not yet convinced, let me tell you the things you can easily do with online banking that are guaranteed safe, and you don’t need to drag yourself to go to the physical bank:

  1. Keep Your Money Safe
    Are you one of those people who tend to panic when you misplace your ATM debit card? There’s always that unnerving feeling that it might have been stolen when you can’t find it in your purse. ATM skimming and online fraud is common nowadays, so we get easily paranoid when we can’t find our ATM cards. Fret not; RCBC has a lock and unlock security feature that will keep your account from getting compromised, you won’t need to call the customer service to freeze your account. Just go online and swipe the button to lock your card. It automatically keeps you from doing any transactions. You’ll be asked to verify your action with a pin number, and your account is safe from threats. Once you find your lost card, you can easily unlock your account by simply swiping the button from lock to unlock. This feature is also perfect when you need to stop yourself from doing unnecessary purchases. We’re looking at you, shopaholics.
  2. Keep track of your money
    we’re all guilty of having a wallet full of printed ATM receipts just so we can keep track of our hard-earned money. With online banking, you can stay up-to-date with your account status 24/7, and you can view your transaction history for the past 90 days to monitor where your money goes. Whether you bought something online, paid for your bills, or do fund transfer, these will reflect on your app—including the dates of your transactions. So the next time you forget if you’ve already paid your bills, you can simply check your transaction history for proof.
  3. Enjoy Cashless Spending
    Imagine having dinner with your friends and then you realize that you don’t have enough cash when it’s time to pay. The worst part is that there is no ATM in sight. Don’t worry, you can just fund transfer the money to your friend online. Transfer funds from another RCBC, or to RSB in seconds. Need to transfer funds to a different bank? You can also do it through interbank fund transfer from RCBC to other Bank accounts without hassle. It’s especially convenient when you purchase something online and you need to make a deposit to pay them—it saves you time and the hassle of going to the branch and lining up.
  4. Never Miss Your Bills’ Due Date
    One thing we hate about bills aside from the responsibility of paying them is the actual paying process. That’s one of the good things about online banking: you can save the hassle of falling in line for a transaction. You can pay whenever or wherever. There are times when we even remember our bills on the due date itself; you can do it with online banking within a few minutes even if you’re in a middle of a meeting, doing groceries, watching a TV series or even if you’re already in bed. Plus, you can also pre-schedule your payment and pay your bills in no time if you keep forgetting those due dates.
  5. Unleash the Gamer In You

    If you’re a hardcore gamer who loves buying game products to level up, RCBC online banking will make your life easy. By simply selecting the game portal and the product codes, you can pay for your games using your account without even leaving your PC. From the big leagues like Garena and Steam to the simple mobile games in Google Play, there’s nothing that can stop you from playing your game.

It’s so safe and easy to manage your account with RCBC Online Banking. It has a mobile app and website that allows you to do everything we just talked about and more. You can also load your G-cash, view your loans, manage and place a time deposit, invest in UITF, re-order your checkbooks, pay for online purchases, view the E-shop and also view your RCBC Bankard transactions. Simply enroll your account by going to the website, fill out the online enrollment form and provide your security information, including your active and valid mobile number and e-mail address. Unlike other banks where you need to go to an ATM to activate online banking, a one-time password will be sent to your registered mobile number and you can activate your account anytime. You can conveniently do the whole process online in just a few minutes and you’re good to go. It’s safe and easy.

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