August 18, 2023


Lydia is a leading platform for small & medium business lending in emerging markets. Lidya is a financial services platform to improve access to credit and finance across frontier and emerging markets starting with Nigeria. Launched in November 2016, with a mission to close that yawning credit gap, both in Nigeria and across emerging markets where there is a $2.6 Trillion SME credit gap worldwide.

Businesses that are looking for $500 USD to $50,000 in working capital are able to apply online or via their mobile phone and get a decision in 24 hours. To assess credit risk, Lidya uses close to 100 data points to evaluate businesses, build a credit score unique to each business, and disburse loans in 24 hours or less.


  1. Simple, Fast & Convenient

Access working capital, keep track of your receivables and invoice your customers anywhere & anytime. Your loan applications are processed within 48 hours and, if approved, disbursed within the same day.

  1. Data is the new Collateral

Banks require collateral to give out loans. To get financing from Lidya, you don’t need to have collateral, 3 year audited financials and 5 year financial projections. Their algorithms process around 100 data points to make a decision.

  1. Lidya Credit Score

Every payment, every data counts. They build Africa’s first credit score for small & medium businesses. As you build your score; you will unlock better rates and more capital.

  1. No Hidden Fees / Transparent

For every loan that their clients take, the repayment schedule is clearly communicated. It doesn’t have any additional or hidden fees. You pay back what you see.


  1. Create your invoices

Create an invoice in less than 5 minutes. Customize it with your company profile and directly access your customer list in order to send them right away.

  1. Manage your invoices

With Lidya, you can check the state of your invoice, edit your invoices and also track your payments. You can also access historic data in a detailed manner with just a click.

  1. List your customers

Build a complete database of your customers. This is integrated with all Lidya platforms, so you can access it when necessary.

  1. Get loan for your invoices

While waiting for an unpaid invoice, you can access funds from them in order to finance other business projects.

POS Machines for transactions

Acquire POS easily with very little waiting period

  • Accept payments easily
  • Access working capital
  • Pay less transaction fees
  • Get more insights

Lidya Credit Card

You can also apply for their exclusive Lidya Smart Card and start utilizing your Lidya credit score. Use your score to get benefits like competitive fee for products and rewards.

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