August 18, 2023

Loans without collateral in Nigeria


As a Borrower on FINT, you can gain access to Loans at an interest of as low as 2% per month. You won’t have to manually pay every month because FINT Automatically does the heavy lifting. Simply Apply for a loan by answering the FINT Risk Assessment and Investors will fund your loan which can be disbursed when fully funded. Borrow between N60, 000 – N2, 000, 000 at fixed term of 3, 6 or 12 months and pay back principal and interest monthly. No collateral is required.

How it works

Get Your FINT Score, answer the FINT Risk Assessment for N3, 000 and get your lowest eligible rate in minutes. Choose Your Loan Term. Get a fixed term for 3, 6 or 12 months as well as your interest rates. No hidden fees or tricky fine prints. Upload Documents, Be Verified and Get a Loan. Some verification checks are done on your information. Once you upload the required documents, your loan is visible on the platform for lenders to lend to you.

Disburse Your Loan

Once full funded, pay the 8% commitment fee and your loan will be sent to your bank account.

Every borrower has to take a FINT risk assessment to qualify for a loan. A borrower’s score ranges from A++ to C-, with A++ being the safest borrower(s) on the platform. Your FINT score determines the interest rate you pay. An A++ borrower pays lower interest than a C- borrower.
Not every loan request is accepted. The FINT Score is an indication that a borrower qualifies for a loan and their grade reflects how risky the assessment thinks the borrower is.

All Loans Are Insured!

They have partnered with Old Mutual Insurance to design the best insurance package, tailored to the FINT Borrower’s needs to add an extra layer of comfort for all parties. Old Mutual Loan insurance provides coverage in cases of:
1. Death

  1. Job Loss
  2. Accidental Disability

The Insurance premiums are charged upon disbursement of a requested loan.

Kwick cash by 9mobile

The whole process when trying to borrow money online in Nigeria via this telecoms network begins and ends with a 9mobile line and valid bank statements. All you need to is dial *561# from your phone and you are good to go. You can have access to up to #100,000 and it takes only 3mins to get the loan once you’re registered. There is no access to multiple loans at once. You can repay through an ATM, Debit card and direct transfer or direct deposit. The interest rate is 10- 20% .


Paylater is anonline money lenderthat has taken over the market to help people with financial issues. They make it so easy that you see the amount you are to refund at a corner of their website. The interest placed on the first loan taken is 1% of the amount borrowed to be paid within 15 days. Visit more information.


C24 Group loan is a customized loan service of offered to client companies’ employees at lower interest rates, reduced documentation and very convenient online real-time application process at anywhere at any time. They are in business also to help people quickly tackle financial needs and borrow money online in Nigeria. Their website is easy to use and navigate. Their interest is affordable and they would loan you the money within few hours of registering and you don’t need to go through all the paper work stress because none is involved. The more you borrow here the more your chances of borrowing more and no matter how much you borrowno collateralis needed. Visit for more information.

Quick Check

They allow individuals and small businesses have access to money they can borrow, all online. As a way of ensuring that people get access to these loans they have created an easy method of doing that. A mobile technology that has been provided to give Individuals access to financial credits; it allows them to borrow up to #30,000 without any collateral for a period of 15-30 days. Please visit for more enquiries

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