August 15, 2023


Land Bank of the Philippines, stylized as LANDBANK or also known by its initials, LBP, is a universal bank in the Philippines owned by the Philippine government with a special focus on serving the needs of farmers and fishermen.


The LANDBANK Housing Opportunities Made Easy (HOME) Program is a lending program that caters to both homebuyers and home developers. It offers the following facilities:

  1. Easy Home Loan;
  2. End-Buyers Tie-Up; and
  3. Bahay para sa Bagong Bayani

Let LANDBANK help you build or acquire your home, or if you are a developer, let them help you grow your business by supporting your housing projects or financing your clients’ home acquisition or construction.


Easy Home Loan helps you buy or construct your dream house. It also allows existing homeowners to refinance their current and existing home loan from other banks or financing firms or developers’ in-house financing

Eligible Borrowers

  1. Filipino citizens
  2. 21 years old (must not be more than 65 years of age upon loan’s maturity)
  3. Borrowers who are either gainfully employed or with lawful and profitable business

Loan Purpose

For the purchase of:

  • Townhouse
  • Condominium unit
  • Lot, House and lot
  • Other residential unit
  • Construction of a residential building on a lot owned by the borrower
  • Refinancing of existing housing loan with other banks or financing firms or developers’ in-house financing-provided account is in “current status”

Loanable Amount

  • Minimum of P500,000.00

For Private Applicants: The borrowing capacity of the individual borrower and his/her spouse (if applicable) shall be based on the 30% of the verified Gross Monthly Income for private applicant’s gross monthly income

For Government Employees: The borrowing capacity shall be based on the amount as required by GAA, after housing loan amortization

Tenor: The loan shall have a maximum term of 20 years, provided the combined age of the borrower and the term loan shall not exceed 65 years

Collateral: The loan shall be secured by residential/commercial real estate properties acceptable to LANDBANK


Employed individuals:

  1. Personal Information Data Sheet
  2. Certificate of employment
  3. Latest pay slip indicating net take home pay of borrower
  4. Any two of the following latest Billing Statements:
  • Electric Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Credit Card Bill
  • TV Subscription Bill

Private individuals owning their business / with established source of income:

  1. Business Registration and Licenses
  2. Biodata
  3. BIR-stamped Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for the last three years


  • Applicable for both employed and private individuals with business

For Condos:

  1. Master Deed of Restriction
  2. Building and Unit Floor Plan
  3. HLURB Permit to Sell
  4. HLURB Locational Clearance

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