Jazika Mobile Loan App

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Jazika Mobile Loan App

Jazika loan application is an online loan platform that offers credit to its clients to its customers, the application  has been registered and approved the necessary money lending platforms in the banking sector to ensure that they follow the laid down procedures on borrowing and remitting the revenues and the interests to be charged. One has to fulfill the conditions being set out to qualify for the loans being offered by Jazika loan application. Important also is, one needs to be in a position to access the loan by having an electronic gadget that can access the app and its settings.

For one to qualify for Jazika online application loan they need to have met the following conditions; they include having the application in their phones, thus they need to download the app from Google Store and they need to accept the terms and conditions of the online application, this is brought about by the need to ensure that they do not violate the terms of the application.In addition to downloading the application, they need to fill in their national identification details for identification purposes and also in order to ensure that they have the needed documents to follow up in case on defaulting in paying back the money. The borrower must have a clean borrowing record with the Credit Reference Bureau to show their loan repayment record. They should be registered with M-Pesa to enable them access the borrowed funds in their hands.In addition to borrowing the funds, they need to ensure that they pay back the money in good time to ensure they increase their ability to borrow more and also at a smaller interest rate in comparison to the other applications.

Advantages of borrowing with Jazika Online application;Quick response of the money borrowed by the clients, this enables the customers to make good use of the money borrowed.Low interest rate on the money borrowed, this increase more clients and also the amount of money borrowed.Convenient since one can select the repayment duration they so desire from their options being offered in comparison with the need for the money.Disadvantages of borrowing with Jazika Online application;High interest on the small amounts of borrowed money, this becomes expensive and also unsuitable to the borrowers.One must have a smartphone in order to access the funds and in particular to download.Short durations of paying back the money borrowed from the application.