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Izwe was created in 2004. The first branch was situated in Pretoria South Africa and later expanded to the rest of Africa in the year 2009. Izwe loans is a finance company that targets employed markets that are formal. They offer financial solutions which are quality by providing purpose – oriented personal loans to suit clients’ personal needs, with affordable monthly payment.

Izwe loans is activities is regulated by the National Credit regulator, the Financial Services Board and is complaint with the National Credit Act. Izwe loans as a Pan – African micro finance organization it has operations in the following countries;South AfricaKenyaGhanaZambiaTHEIR MISSION IS:‘’We enable people to enrich their lives by providing them with ready access to useful financial solutions.’’IZWE LOANS FEATURES ARE:The loans have low interest rateIzwe loans are procured through online applicationThe amount of loan issued is from R1000 to R50000It is an unsecured loanThe duration of repaying the loan is 9 – 60 monthsThe amount of loan issued to an applicant heavily depends on an individual affordability and creditworthiness

THE REQUIREMENTS NEEDED IN SECURING IZWE LOANS ARE:For one to successfully qualify to apply for Izwe loans, the following are required;An applicant must have attained the minimum age which is 18 yearsOne must have a valid Identification CardAn applicant should have an operating and functioning bankOne should have pay slips to show that one is capable of repayingAn applicant should have the latest bank statementTHE PROCEDURE OF ACQUIRING THE IZWE LOANS IS BY:Applying through the internet (online)Start by filling in your;InitialsThe SurnameThe Identification NumberThe email addressThe Mobile Number you are usingThe amount of monthly salary you receivePLEASE NOTE: When filling in the application form use numbers only, characters are not allowedFinally, submit itYou can contact Izwe loans to secure a loan

THE TYPES OF IZWE LOANSBuilding LoansBuilding loans helps to assist in the renovations of home. Hence Izwe loans have provided the ultimate assistance for its client by offering building loansStudent loansStudent loans are issued to help people who cannot afford paying school – fees. The student loans in most cases are used for furthering studies or in acquiring tertiary education. This helps in personal development and in career development. Which in turns improve the standard of livingConsolidation LoansConsolidation loans from Izwe loans offer ideal loans solutions to be used to aid an applicant with multiple debts issues. This is because an applicant only needs to have one payment to keep and make. Izwe loans have low interest rateTHEIR CONTACTS ARE:The contacts are necessary when one needs to apply for a loan or if a problem arises or in case one needs additional information.

An applicant can;Dial the number 010 206 7400 orUse the orUse the