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I&M Bank is a privately owned commercial bank headquartered in Kenya, with a growing regional presence currently extending to Mauritius, Tanzania and Rwanda. They provide home loans and vehicle loans at flexible terms and competitive pricing.

PERSONAL LOANSHOME LOANSFor home loans, they offer two variations – the fixed EMI repayment loan and the unique Step-Up Home loan which allows repayments in phased gradually increasing amounts, thereby making it possible to purchase a home earlier in life.The I&M Step – Up Home Loan is designed to meet a wide range of needs such as purchase of property, undeveloped plot, construction, renovations etc. With the unique step-up option available with this facility, you can choose to pay lesser monthly repayments in the initial years and higher amounts in later years, thereby matching your repayments to your future growing income.One can borrow as little as Ksh.2million and as much Ksh.100 million payable for up to 20 years. All loans come with an optional pre-approved Visa international credit card with a waiver on joining fees; free fire insurance cover for the first year with GA Insurance Co Ltd; Pricing concessions for increased margin of financing. The facility is also available in US DollarsCAR LOANSTheir vehicle loans also complement their range of personal loans and are offered mostly to existing customers. Car loans are offered to purchase vehicles. The loans are given for a maximum period of 3 years.Car loans are given for 70% of the purchase value/AA valuation and for vehicles that are less than 5 years old. Interest rate charged is on a flat rate basis.

BUSINESS LOANSThey extend business loans, in the form of overdrafts or term loans, after detailed consultations with you. This ensures that the facility given to your business is the most appropriate and cost-effective for its purposes. Loans and overdrafts are available in Kenya Shillings as well as in other major currencies.OVERDRAFTExtended for working capital requirementInterest linked to the Bank’s Base lending Rate or Foreign Currency Base Lending rate (for foreign currency), charged quarterlyavailable in Kshs., us dollars, gb pounds and euroTERM LOANSExtended for financing specific transactions or projectsInterest linked to the Bank’s Base Lending Rate or Foreign Currency Base Lending rate (for foreign currency), charged quarterlyAvailable in Kenyan Shillings, US Dollars, GB Pounds and Euro