December 29, 2022

Global Philanthropy Alliance

Global Philanthropy Alliance is dedicated to supporting young social entrepreneurs in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. Social entrepreneurs have ideas, skills, and experience effecting change in their own communities.  We know that they often lack financial capital to accomplish their goals and have learned that they also need technical assistance to help them to succeed.

General Eligibility

Are you a grassroots organization? Global Philanthropy Alliance encourages grant proposals from grassroots organizations who are working in the areas of community development, youth empowerment and local philanthropy.  Organizations must be small, registered NGO’s based in Nigeria (near Lagos), Kenya (near Nairobi) or South Africa (near Johannesburg/Pretoria or near Cape Town).

Are you a social entrepreneur? GPA is committed to supporting young social entrepreneurs and innovative ideas. Our grantees use an innovative approach and business practices that create value and solve problems in their community.

Is your organization youth led (or, youth engaged)? GPA will fund initiatives led by youth or that empower youth AND promote social entrepreneurship, community development, or economic development.

Will you use grant funds to benefit your community? Funds must be used for a charitable purpose. (Charitable purpose is defined by the US Internal Revenue Service as a broad range of activities that benefit the general welfare or the community.)

Organizations must have reliable email address and ability to submit the application and other documentation in English, electronically.

A note about Sustainability:

GPA seeks programs that promote sustainability for the organization, the project and/or the beneficiary. They ask that your application address each of these categories as part of your plan for a sustainable future:

What is sustainability?

Let them know how your project will sustain itself in the any or all of the following categories:

Organizational sustainability: How will GPA funding allow organization to continue to operate and provide additional programming without additional grant funding? For example, some organizations offer low interest loans to beneficiaries and use the interest earned to support the organization in the future.

Project sustainability: How will a GPA grant allow your project to continue to serve other beneficiaries without additional grant funding? For example, does the project train others who must provide this training to future beneficiaries?

Beneficiary sustainability: How will a GPA grant help beneficiaries become empowered, employed or entrepreneurial members of the community. For example, some projects train youth and offer job placement or internship opportunities (Remember: GPA will not fund training unless it leads directly to employment or entrepreneurship)

What GPA will fund:

GPA supports specific project grants and overhead costs (staff time, rent, etc.) associated with the project however, projects MUST have a programmatic focus. GPA supports capacity building, training and other organizational growth activities in addition to its programmatic interests.

First grant funding will not exceed $5000.00 USD per year.  GPA seeks to maintain funding relationships with grantees over time with funding growing in size and scope therefore, after the conclusion of a first grant, grantees may apply for a second grant from GPA which may not exceed $10,000.00 USD.

How to Apply:

Please review the information above. If your organization would like to apply for grant funds please contact the country consultant in your country and provide a brief description of your organization and project.

Ntsako Mkhabela:
Chris Ihidero:
Wairimu Gathu:

Our consultants will review your information and determine whether you qualify to apply for funding. GPA is not considering new applications until 2022. If selected as a grant recipient for 2022 you will not likely receive funds until September 1, 2022.

Please also note: If an organization is chosen for receive either first or second level funding, GPA will require a post-approval form, grant agreement and documentation of NGO status.  In addition, GPA may request a site visit prior to funding. A site visit is required prior to funding second grants.

GPA does not fund individuals, fundraising efforts, ongoing service provision, endowments or general operating costs not associated with a grant.

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