August 15, 2023



You can now own your dream home with rates that are lower than ever at flexible loan terms. Start living your dream with East West Bank and apply today.


Fixed Term Rate Options

Enjoy total flexibility with our competitive interest rates. Choose your own fixed term rates beginning at 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, up to 30 years and protect yourself against frequent rate fluctuations.

Payment Schemes

East West Bank Home Loan gives you the longest payment option. Make your amortization light and easy by stretching your loan term up to 30 years.

Loan Purpose

  • Top-up Loan: Availment of the paid-off portion of the existing loan for any purpose
  • Home Equity: A multi-purpose loan for personal consumption such as, but not limited to, travel, medical treatment, education, business loans, etc.
  • Home Construct: A type of loan used for home construction
  • Reimbursement: A loan used to reimburse the borrower for his/her purchase of a residential property bought within 1 year based on the transferred TCT/CCT
  • Home Acquire/ Condo Acquire: A loan used to finance the acquisition of a house, townhouse, condominium, or a residential apartment (with a maximum of four doors)
  • Lot Acquire: A loan used to finance the purchase of a residential lot

Application Requirements

General Documents

  1. Duly-Accomplished Application Form
  2. Two (2) valid Government-issued IDs

If Purpose Is Refinancing/Loan Take-Out

  1. Latest Statement of Account from Mortgagor
  2. Proof of payment for the last 6 months (Official Receipts or cleared checks with Bank Statements or Ledger)

If Self-Employed

  1. Business Registration (SEC/DTI)
  2. Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years
  3. Updated Interim Financial Statement if most recent AFS is more than 6 months
  4. Latest 6-month bank statements w/ authorization to conduct bank verification
  5. List of trade references (at least 3 suppliers and 3 customers with telephone numbers and contact persons)
  6. Articles of incorporation and By-laws

If Locally Employed

  1. Certificate of Employment w/ Compensation (COEC) indicating position and length of service
  2. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)


  1. COEC w/ original 6-month remittances; or
  2. COEC w/ original 6-month pay slips; or
  3. Consularized Certificate of Employment w/ Compensation (COEC)

If OFW Seaman

  1. Crew Contract validated by POEA

If Practicing Doctor

  1. Clinic Address/es and schedule/s

If Earning From Rental of Properties

  1. Rental/Lease Contract (indicating name of tenants and rental amounts with complete addresses of properties being rented)
  2. Photocopy of title (CCT/TCT)

If Earning From Transport Business

  1. LTO Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR)
  2. LTFRB Franchise/s

If Earning From Commissions

  1. Vouchers and bank statements (for the last 6 month reflecting commissions)

Required Collateral Documents

  1. Photocopy of Title for Collateral (TCT for land title/CCT for condo title)
  2. Appraisal Fee Official Receipt (OR)
  3. Tax Declaration (Land and Building)
  4. Bill of Materials or Cost Estimate
  5. Building Plan or Renovation Plan
  6. General Specification or Scope of Work

NB: Other collateral documents will be required prior to loan booking i.e. Latest Tax Receipt, Latest Tax Clearance, and Lot Plan with vicinity map signed by a Geodetic Engineer, or Master Deed of Declaration for condo units.

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