August 14, 2023


Through the Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) Program, your company can avail of financing opportunities that will allow you to invest in technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of energy generation, energy distribution and energy use. Such technologies can reduce your company’s operating and energy expenses by at least 30% – savings that go straight to your bottom line. This is also an opportunity to lessen carbon emissions which greatly contribute to the worldwide issue of global warming.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands offers the following Sustainable Energy Financing options:

  1. Capital Expenditure Financing for financing fixed asset acquisition: new plant or building construction, expansion or modernization of operations, acquisition of machinery and equipment
  2. Working Capital Financing for short-term financing needs of manufacturers or traders of EE and RE products, e.g. purchase of raw materials
  3. Leasing to finance the use of an asset or equipment over a specified period of time. It is an alternative mode of financing an asset compared to outright purchase or borrowing. Any type of asset can be leased as long as it is durable, identifiable, insurable and has a good secondary market and reliable after sales support

What are the benefits of doing Sustainable Energy Projects?

  1. Financial: reduced energy consumption and reduced operating costs, improved cashflow and higher profits
  2. Operational: improved management of facilities, improved equipment reliability and availability, and improved productivity and product quality
  3. Environmental: reduced greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions and decreased pollution mitigation costs

What are the types of projects that can be funded under the SEF Program?

  1. Energy Efficiency (EE) – shift to equipment which consumes less energy while achieving the same or higher output
  2. Renewable Energy (RE) – production of energy from sources that naturally replenish
  3. Climate Resilience (CR) – structural and operational projects aimed at preparedness to impacts of extreme weather conditions

Who could benefit from Sustainable Energy Finance?

BPI SEF makes it easy for the following businesses to undertake sustainable energy projects:

  • Industrial/ Manufacturing Companies such as those into Cement, Semiconductors/Electronics, Sugar Refinery, Food/Meat Processing, Bottling/Brewery, Ceramic/Glass, among others
  • Equipment Vendors/ Integrators
  • Agri-business and its allied industries: piggery, poultry, livestock, post-harvest facilities like milling, food processing, cold storage, etc.
  • Developers and project owners of Sustainable Energy Projects such as Wind, Hydro, Solar, Biomass, Biogas

Other businesses with energy efficiency projects such as:

  • Buildings/ Facilities that are more than 5 years old – includes office buildings, malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, among others
  • New building construction
  • Shift to energy efficient equipment and technology
  • Water, materials & other resource efficiency projects

Interested in financing your Sustainable Energy project? Please contact your BPI Relationship Manager or the Sustainable Energy Finance Team for more details.

Sustainable Energy Finance Program
Tel No.: 845-5731, 816-9751, 845-5209, 816-5373
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