August 16, 2023


Personal Loans

Do you need a personal loan to urgently pay house rent, your child’s school fees, fix your broken down car or buy a household gadget? Sometimes, we all need a little extra cash to help us go through hard times. Adeeva’s minimum loan is ₦50,000.00 and limit for a new customer is ₦500,000.00 whilst existing customers can access up to ₦1,000,000.00. It also depends on the borrower’s ability to repay after being assessed.


  • No opening of new account as cash would be transferred to your existing account.
  • No collateral needed.
  • Flexible repayment
  • Get cash in 24 hours after documents verification.


  1. Must live within Lagos and Environs.
  2. A verifiable source of income.
  3. Be between ages 22 – 60 years.
  4. A functional salary or savings account.
  5. Have a good credit history.
  6. Valid means of Identification (International Passport or National ID Card or Driver’s License)

How to Apply

There are three ways:

  1. Go to the their website
  2. Call our contact center line
  3. Visit the closest Adeeva branch to you (see the contact us page for branch details)
  • Receive instant approval (or disapproval).
  • Get required documents across to any of their offices.
  • Get cash in your preferred bank account in 24 hours of approved application.

SME Loans

Adeeva Capital offers business owners of Small and Medium Size Enterprises the opportunity to access loan products in a quick, transparent and efficient way. Building on their expertise and standards, they can assure their clients highest quality service and delivery.
Prospective borrowers do not necessarily need to have saved any money with Adeeva Capital before applying for a loan, as their products are well researched and tailor-made to suit their clients’ business and industry peculiarities which cuts across Agriculture, Trade & Commerce, Information Technology, Hospitality, Health, Education, Transportation etc. However, Adeeva Capital only finances existing and viable business.

Corporate Loans

This loan is designed for corporate organizations seeking loans to finance and fund their business operation or projects.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is a short-term way of borrowing, often used to improve a company’s working capital and cash flow position. Invoice discounting allows a business to draw money against its sales invoices before the customer has actually paid. To do this, the business borrows a percentage of the value of its sales ledger from a finance company, effectively using the unpaid sales invoices as collateral for the borrowing. Invoice Discounting is sometimes referred to as Discreet Factoring. It is essentially the same process as Factoring, with the business getting immediate cash from its sales invoices.

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